Apple 'won't repair machines belonging to smokers'

By chillinwill · Nov 24, 2009 · ·
  1. chillinwill
    Nicotine residue harms repair staff

    Apple is reportedly refusing to repair machines belonging to smokers because residue from cigarettes seeps into machines and creates a health risk for those fixing the Mac.

    The Consumerist website claims it has received reports from two Mac users saing that Apple repair centres in the US have declined to fix machines under Applecare warranties, claiming that have been voided due to second-hand smoke.

    "They informed me that his computer can't be worked on because it's contaminated," said one of the website's readers called Ruth.

    "When I asked for an explanation, she said he's a smoker and it's contaminated with cigarette smoke which they consider a bio-hazard! I checked my Applecare warranty and it says nothing about not honouring warranties if the owner is a smoker."

    Both readers took the issue up with Apple's head office, but were still denied the reapairs under their warranty.

    "[Apple did] advise me that nicotine is on OSHA's list of hazardous substances and Apple would not require an employee to repair anything deemed hazardous to their health," added Ruth.

    Apple was unable for comment on the story.

    Carrie-Ann Skinner
    November 23, 2009
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  1. adzket
    that is rediculos, how is the nicotine ment to effect the workers as there is no smoke about also it is the other chemicals in tobaco products that normaly makes them so harmful. also don't people working on these type of products do so in apropriate safty clothing to keep area clean, as i was lead to belive it should be done in a clean room type environment. and if not in the contract then they can't do this those people should take legal action.
  2. Coconut
    Computer repairs are never done in clean rooms.

    I don't really have a problem with this. I have had to handle laptops belonging to smokers, and the smell off them is unreal. I think this is because they smoke while using them on a regular basis.

    My advice would be: if you disagree with Apple on this, don't buy a Mac. Overpriced, proprietary Unix is an insult to computer users in general.
  3. adzket
    the fans on them probably do not help eather. as when swim has gone in the back of there pc when fiting new drives ect they are normaly bunged up with nicotine, fluff,& dust. swim just uses an presurised air product and a wet wipe to clean before putting the back back onto the pc. thought they had to do in a clean type room so they could not be acused of contaminating the inner workings of the computer. but thanks for correcting me.
  4. Coconut
    Nah, manufacturers don't care enough to do something like that, unfortunately. Clean rooms are used for initial design and manufacturing of processors.
  5. Hollow Hippie
    How the hell is an odor a health hazard? I really doubt any substances carried in the second-hand smoke (which does not contain nicotine or any of the other psychoactives in tobacco because they are destroyed by the burning of the plant material at the end of the cigarette where said smoke is coming from) are going to collect onto/into the computer in any amount (and if they do, the concentration most likely is so extremely low that it is probably statistically negligible health risk wise) that would harm someone repairing the computer.

    What next? Cars being refused to be repaired because of exhaust smoke "contaminating" the car.

    This is so ridiculous that users of a completely legal substance are constantly little by little having these sort of things leveled at them to try and shame them for doing something within the bounds of the law.

    Is it me or are non-smokers on a really high horse and in addition they cannot tolerate anything they do not like? Grow up you childish complainers! I'm going to have a Newport.
  6. johnnyyen
    WTF????...Just another demonization of one pretends that smoking is good for them or to be encouraged,however Apple's attitude is really disgraceful..if they feel so strongly about this issue let them refuse to sell their products to smokers and be consistent in their stance..
    l cannot imagine them refusing to take money off a customer if the customer is a smoker so to renege on their g/tees and service agreements is bad form...
  7. adzket
    i dont quiet agree fully with that i smoke between 20 & 30 a day alot of them around my computer the same as other people in my house. and the computer needed a good scrub last time it was cleaned because of nicotine stains. and when last went in the back of the stack to fit new cd drive it was minging so it can be noticeble. the policy is still wrong though. but mac's are realy for people who want looks over function anyway.
  8. Hollow Hippie
    Please prove it was residue made up of potentially harmful chemicals.
  9. bubbly nubs
    I'm shocked!! That is not true at all. Macs are used in the media industry extensively, they way out perform PCs and function better. You don't know much about Macs then??
  10. adzket
    i can not prove they have harmfull chemicals in they more than likely don't as i said in another post above that could not be harmfull as not atualy smoke. but they do get horrid from nicotine stains. especialy around the vents where fans are.

    yes i know they are good for design & media, i have had many a dj and live p.a turn up with a mac and plug into my sound system as well as design my adverts & flyers on. but for they lay person it is all about the looks. it has only been last few months have been able to watch some on line on demand t.v content on them for instance. as well as some other web sites do not work on them. most every day people are not using them for design or multi media resigns just astheticly pleasing many of my friends have bought them for that resign and just use for some surfing as well as playing games, music and films on them. nothing more. just imo pc's are better. better range of software and hardware plus get more functionality out of it. plus not bought into the apple brand. when some of my friends use theres in public they have other mac users coming to talk about them with them like it is some sort of social club. which makes me lol and gets on friends nerves, one of them had theres revers engernered so it would go in a diffirent casing so no one new they where an apple user any more.
  11. rawbeer
    Is handling a tobacco plant hazardous to your health? Are trace amounts of nicotine on the skin really a biohazard? Are all of those store clerks who sell people cigarettes and handle packs in danger? Give me a break. This sounds like a way to back out of a contract by exploiting public fear.
  12. Coconut
    Apple don't have to provide justification or prove that employees may ingest toxins, and I don't see what the point in being outraged either. This is not a government we're talking about; if you disagree with Apple, don't buy their products.

    Also, Macs do not have any advantage over other computers for media processing nowadays. This advantage was only present when Macs still used AIM's PowerPC processor architecture. Since they have switched to Intel's x86, they are the same as PCs.
  13. Sven99
    Its not just about looks. I'm using a perfectly functional mac made about 8 years ago, running with the original OS. a PC of similar age would have required 3-4 OS upgrades and still be massively obsolete.
  14. johnnyyen
    heh...considering the horrors that apple consider a cigarette smoker will inflict upon its machines and their repair crews with cigarette smoke SWIJY is cringing at the thought of what lies within his (non apple) desktop after years spent exhaling heroin smoke towards its innards....
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