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  1. Terrapinzflyer
    AR continues to destroy Ganja cultivation

    Imphal: Troops of 23 Assam Rifles of 10 Sector under HQ IG AR(South) carried out destruction of standing Ganja cultivation in the fields and burned the stored Ganja today at Sanakeithel in Ukhrul district, informed a press release from the PRO, HQ IG AR (South).

    The campaign was carried out in collaboration with personnel of state police from Litan police station.

    About 13 acres of Ganja cultivation, 1300 kgs of raw Ganja and 10 acres of opium cultivation with 10 kgs of raw opium were destroyed during the campaign, stated the press release.

    Over the last few days, Assam Rifles have been coming down heavily on illegal cultivation of Ganja in numerous places as also raiding the hidden godowns/stores in various localities in Manipur.

    This bold step has been viewed positively by the citizens and is being appreciated especially by the womenfolk, children and all sections of Manipur society including Meira Paibis and student organizations.

    Such a campaign will go a long way in eradicating the evils of drug-addiction and drug-trafficking from the Society, the press release stated.

    Hueiyen News Service
    February 21, 2010



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