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Arab drug mafia importing Palestinian kids into Germany

By buseman · Jul 21, 2010 ·
  1. buseman
    Arabic drug cartels are trafficking children and youths from Palestinian refugee camps into Germany, according to excerpts published Monday of a book by a Berlin youth judge who killed herself last month.

    Kirsten Heisig wrote in an unpublished book that young Palestinian asylum seekers often gave suspiciously similar reasons for coming to Germany.

    In her book, The End of Patience, Heisig described the process by which children and youths were flown in from the Lebanese capital, Beirut, by traffickers who took their passports and promised them a better life.

    In Germany, these young people disappeared from youth homes and were taken in by their own communities, where they were taught how to master the drug trade, Heisig wrote in a section of her book.

    The judge said it had struck her how often youths she sentenced for heroin trafficking in central Berlin had actually been assigned to care homes across Germany, where their disappearance was merely registered with the authorities.

    The gangs' latest trend is to fetch young people under the age of 14, Heisig wrote, explaining, This has the particular appeal of lacking the threat of punishment.

    The judge also criticized the German authorities for failing to perform rigorous checks on young asylum seekers entering the country.



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