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  1. mcmjennyc
    I'm rather pissed at myself. I don't understand why I feel so much more relaxed and creative when I do "Legal" Pot. I get along with everyone better. Take my children for example. I two great kids. Maddie is 14 and very much like me, extrovert, creative. She also takes after her dads side of the family when it comes to looks, she is gorgeous, long legs, a classic beauty. Cassie is 11, she looks just like me. She is Adorably cute, she has her dads personality. Cassie is more of an introvert, whereas Maddie loves to be around a group of friends, Cassidy would rather play with one friend at a time. Cassie has her dads personality, She is extremely smart and curious. We call her Cassiopedia, her sentences usually begin with "Did you know" and then proceeds to wow us with some scientific fact she found. I have found that disciplining these two has to be completely different. When I smoke my "Legal" Bud I feel I am able to understand them each so much more! in a way I feel like I am fixing any "bugs in their software. I feel so intuitive to others when I am taking my Medicine. Question..........................................................

    Do you feel Drugs can make you more intuitive to others?
    I can't wait to see what you have to say!



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