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Argentina - Colombian model guilty on Argentine cocaine charge

By YIPMAN, Nov 3, 2011 | |
    Colombian model guilty on Argentine cocaine charge

    WEDNESDAY, 02 NOVEMBER 2011 21:42


    An Argentine court has convicted Colombian model Angie Sanclemente of trafficking cocaine from the South American country to Europe. Her sentence is six years and eight months in prison.

    Her Argentine boyfriend, Nicolas Gualco, and his uncle have been given the same sentence following the guilty verdicts handed down Wednesday.

    The 31-year-old Sanclemente has insisted on her innocence. She denies helping her boyfriend recruit beautiful young women to smuggle drugs to the Mexican resort of Cancun en route to Europe for $5,000 a trip.

    The former Colombian Coffee Queen told the court before the sentencing that her only sin was falling in love with Gualco. She has said she came to Argentina to get married and not to commit crimes.

    Source: Colombia Reports


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