ARgh me maties!!!!

By fnord · Sep 2, 2008 · ·
  1. fnord
    Well my life has taken an unexpected turn lately,and now my roomates wife and I have decided to backpack/hobo somewhere south to avoid the cold Maine winter coming in a few months. Should be fun! My goal for the trip was to see if i can spend the entire trip dressed as a pirate. smiley.gif Were leaving in late October and our plans so far are:

    Portland, Me
    Boston, Ma
    Upstate and NYC, Ny

    Anyone have suggestion for cool sites/festivals/parks/trails/gatherings whatever? Anyone ever been to cuba,How will a drunken american dressed as a pirate be welcomed there? Is ther a good chance of being robbed in cuba/mexico.

    Were going low budget and avoiding tourist areas like the plauge.

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  1. old hippie 56
    Hey, when you get to Ark. give me a holler.
  2. purplehaze
    Mexicans probably wont rob you, but when buying something they do try to overcharge americans. I worked with a mexican lady who always told stories about her trips back to mexico.

    Why not save some money and ride a bus, also its a little odd your roomates wife and you are taking a trip lol.

    Don't try to bring drugs across the mexican border. Plenty of drugs in mexico, they are pretty stiff there at the border.

    I wouldn't go to cuba. They tend to be very manly, women dont matter much and social taboos are not welcome. From what i hear.
  3. RaverHippie
    I have information regarding cheap hostels in nyc and of course raves :) I can't give a stronger recommendation than to try and make it to nyc for halloween. Biggest rave of the year along with the usual slightly tourist Greenwich Village halloween parade.
  4. fnord
    How does taking a bus save money? Ride the rails,a open freight train will always be free!

    There getting divorced.
  5. savingJenniB
    Wonderful! The world needs more pirates ~ as they greatly contribute in lessening global warming!!!! ARH!!!!

    Bon Voyage fnord ~ please keep us posted about your travels. . . . . and don't be in any hurry for the Cali - Arizona portion of you journey. It is Hot as Hell out here right now. . . should cool off by November!
  6. sylenth
    right on man. i take my cape off to you. hardhi hardhi! have fun & keep us up to date...
  7. fnord
    Anyone have any good info about discount bus tickets?
  8. savingJenniB
    Here's a couple of suggestions ~ perhaps one or more can be put to use by you & company:

    #1) Disabilities ~ don't you have a handicap? Very often there are discounts given to the disabled.

    #2) Military discounts ~ Clean up you pirate uniform and stand at attention.

    #3) There are alot of Chamber of Commerce tourist incentives being offered because of high gasoline prices.... Pick a place you would like to visit and contact their tourism board - Chamber of Commerce ~ you just might find a whole treasure box full of discounts, free gas, entertainment, etc. . . .

    where are you right now?

    Going west?

    Going south?
  9. RaverHippie
    chinatown buses once you reach an eastern metropolitan area. I've taken them on a few occasions, never with any less service than one would expect from greyhound. Greyhound has even cut their rates to compete with the chinatown buses since the quality is comparable for any routes that both services overlap on.
  10. Heretic.Ape.
    have fun ye scurvey matie! aaarghh!
  11. fnord
    Well as far as the people that send me my nut check every month are concerned im disabled due to psychological issues. But in reality i dont want to work a job that pays taxes to a system i dont support. If i said hey give me 5 dollers and ill kick you in the shin would you do it? For me paying taxes is just like that, i give them my money and they use it to wage wars,spread lies and arrest nonviolent people who have done nothing more then smoke pot or run a methlab or two.

    So i get a disabilty check and leach of the system i hate,free money for me and less money for them!

    Im in maine,heading down south in the middle of next month. Where were you, cali?

    Yea boston=>newyork on the c-town bus was our plan. :p

    Im sure ill have fun in mexico... If your ever near baha mexico shoot me a email,ill show you my casa and well ride around on donkeys drinking corona with a rented mariachi band following us around.
  12. fnord
    Seems weve got a entire crew comming with us,6 crazy people all heading down to baha mexico to party for the winter winter,were taking a car as far as possible then when it eventually breaks down were going to ditch it(see photos in profile album for the last car)and ride the rails the rest of hte way.
  13. savingJenniB
    Please be careful in Baja, Bro!!!

    It is indeed a foreign country and they are not opposed to kicking hippy ass ~ especially hippies w/o lots of money!!!

    And nowadays you need passport to get back into USA.
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