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  1. nofunclub
    If you are waiting for the Armageddon to happen,
    you will become dissapointed.

    prepare to survive
    the unraptured armada
    of revenging dissapointees,
    looking for someone to blame.

    when they're finished sending each other
    to the heaven they longed for.
    the peace they always preached,
    can finally be heard .

    the end timers have an eternity in heaven,
    to learn how precious love for life should be

    life is sacred
    created by love
    as fear of death
    is by ignorance

    tell me that your Jesus is better than my Jesus.
    judge me while you pray and beg for mercy,
    pay your price in hell ,demand your place in heaven.

    I enjoy and worship the holiest of gifts given to us all
    I live my life with love, embracing my soul with it.
    to share my love with you, I must give myself away.
    if you keep it in a box , afraid to let it go.
    love will fade away, devaluate and die.

    life is just a moment,
    merely a blink of your eye.
    love needs that life to grow,
    from undistracted attention alone.
    life is the paradise when love become forever,
    Heaven is only NOW, until I blink again.
    Hell is when you hesitate, loosing it from being late


  1. detoxin momma
    i like this blog, and i agree. Armageddon won't happen. not the way its portrayed in the movies anyways.

    my theory?
    more of a zombie phenomenon. zombie meaning splitting headaches,thoughts,voices, that can't be cured, so people will go mad. banging their heads against walls, tearing their ears and eyes out to try and escape the madness.

    some will be able to calm these symptoms. but some won't.
    kinda like "zombie land" or " I am Legend"....
    i also agree about the heaven and hell. they are already here. its all in how you handle "it"
    good blog.
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