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  1. Terrapinzflyer
    PHOENIX -- Sheriff Joe Arpaio has created a special enforcement unit to fight medical marijuana fraud.

    Arpaio said he wanted to be prepared for criminals who believe Proposition 203 will allow them to deal marijuana with impunity. The unit will work in partnership with the Drug Enforcement Administration..

    "Proposition 203 permits the medicinal use of marijuana in certain narrowly defined medically-necessary circumstances,” Arpaio said.

    “It will not be a get out jail free card that allows drug dealers and other criminals to sell to anyone with money or use it illegally," he said.

    Sheriff Arpaio, Doug Hebert of the DEA, and Arpaio's staff have already met with Arizona Department of Health Services Director Will Humble and various other interested parties to talk about implementation of the law.

    "Whether or not I agree with a particular law, when the people speak, I listen. I will not stand in the way of those operating legitimately and legally under state law,” Arpaio said.

    February 9, 2011

    Comment: Arapio is a highly controversial and strongly anti-drug sheriff who has been called the toughest sheriff in america.


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