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Arrest of Crack Kingpin Grandma Made Buffalo (NY) Even More Dangerous

  1. Rob Cypher
    Residents of a small street on the east side of Buffalo, NY say their neighborhood has gone downhill following a massive drug bust that snared a 58-year-old grandma kingpin who had family members slinging crack out of five different houses on Deshler Street.

    Theresa Anderson, a 58-year-old grandmother, was the crack kingpin of her corner of Buffalo for 12 years, according to authorities. Her operation, the Anderson Drug Trafficking Organization, was run out of five Deshler Street homes that she purchased and moved her family members into.

    Although Anderson was selling hundreds of grams of crack cocaine in a "24-hour-a-day, 7-day-a-week" operation, neighbors say they felt safer before a SWAT team raided the homes and arrested Anderson in February, 2010:

    Another neighbor said Anderson's old turf has been taken over by prostitutes and their johns.

    Anderson pled guilty and will be sentenced this week. She's facing up to 17.5 years.

    Gabrielle Bluestone
    October 6, 2013



  1. Alien Sex Fiend
    Made my day lol
  2. Potter
    What's funny about violence exactly?
  3. Booty love
    That old grandma had her block sold up!! Sad thing is i can completely relate to an operation like that. Low income, innercity, african american dope culture is the same everywhere in this country.
  4. Alien Sex Fiend
    Potter, those neighbors said there was less violence before she got booked. I meant the photo and the name of this article
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