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Arrests made and drugs seized during Operation Advance

  1. Terrapinzflyer
    More than 100 police officers have raided the homes of suspected gangsters who have allegedly been trying to flood Edinburgh with crack cocaine.

    Police said 15 people have been taken into custody and about £2,000 worth of crack cocaine, heroin, herbal cannabis and cash has been seized.

    Operation Advance followed a six-month covert operation to gather evidence in Leith.

    A number of men are expected to appear at Edinburgh Sheriff Court on Thursday.

    Ch Supt Gill Imery, of Lothian and Borders Police, said: "We have taken action to target people who thought they could come into our communities, deal Class A drugs and bring misery to the lives of many.

    "The steps we have taken today are the culmination of six months hard work to disrupt and detect those allegedly responsible.

    "We became aware there was increased use of crack cocaine in the north of the city and our serious organised crime unit was recording increased seizures of the drug."

    22 September 2010


  1. Erumelithil
    Six months of work and a 100 officer raid for £2000 of assorted drugs and the headline asserts they were going to "flood edinburgh with crack cocaine"?
    £2000 worth, minus the heroin and cannabis?
    Hmmm, doesn't exactly sounds like the operation was a great success.
  2. mickey_bee
    In all likelihood they probably seized a few individual bags of crack and heroin from addicts, along with a few ounces of skunk. At any one time, 15 addicts could quite easily have well on it's way to £2000 of crack/smack.

    Complete waste of money. They seized 2k of various drugs, but likely spent 100s and 100s of thousands doing it.
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