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Arson attack on Dundalk head shop

By Finn Mac Cool · Apr 15, 2010 ·
  1. Finn Mac Cool
    Arson attack on Dundalk head shop

    A suspected arson attack on a head shop in Dundalk is being investigated.

    A man set fire to The Magic Bus store in Bridge Street, causing extensive damage to the premises. No-one was injured.

    It is understood a man wearing a balaclava walked in just before 1pm, sprinkled what is believed to have been petrol in the shop and set it on fire.

    The premises was extensively damaged.

    There has been much public hostility around the country to head shops, which sell so-called legal 'highs'.

    It is the fifth such incident. There have been similar arson attacks on other such businesses in Dublin and pipe bomb attacks in Athlone and Letterkenny.

    Thursday, 15 April 2010 18:38



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