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Ashland man charged with doping dinner guests’ juice

By 5-HT2A, Apr 19, 2013 | Updated: Apr 23, 2013 | | |
  1. 5-HT2A
    An Ashland man has been charged with lacing apple juice he gave to three dinner guests with a synthetic form of ketamine, an animal anesthetic that is also used on humans.

    The drug, methoxetamine, has been sold as a “designer drug” through the Internet, and is commonly known as “mexxy” or “MXE,” has been identified as a drug of abuse both in the United States and Europe, and is now illegal in many jurisdictions.

    According to a criminal complaint issued by Ashland County District Attorney Kelly McKnight, Steven John Krueger, 55, has been charged with three counts of first degree recklessly endangering safety and three counts of distributing a hazardous substance.

    Krueger was arrested on April 1, shortly after police were dispatched to the Bayview Motel to investigate a complaint that someone had been drugged during dinner.

    According to the probable cause statement, police officers responding to the scene spoke with Krueger who admitted that he had mixed apple juice with the drug, telling officers he hoped to “heal” the three adults, who he said were victims of alcoholism.

    Krueger showed officers the drug, which was contained in a small plastic bag labeled with the drug’s name and a statement “Not for human consumption.”

    Krueger told the officers that he had obtained the drug through the Internet, and that he knew it was an illegal substance.

    “The defendant stated that he was sorry that the victims were going through this right now, but that they would be fine in a few hours,” the probable cause statement said. “He stated that he gave it to the victims to ‘try to heal their neurons.’ ”

    He also admitted that he had not managed the dose properly and had given the victims too much of the substance. He also said that he had not told the victims that he was giving them the drug.

    Officers also spoke with the victims who reported symptoms including disorientation, nausea and hallucinations. They said they thought they had been poisoned.

    All three of the victims were taken to Memorial Medical Center (MMC), where one was treated and released, and one was released the following day. The third victim was kept at MMC until April 4, suffering from nausea, atrial fibrillation, high blood pressure and an elevated heart rate of up to 200 beats a minute. One victim said he had hallucinations about being tormented by demons, while another described seeing a large yellow school bus and people he had not seen for 20 years, became dizzy and blacked out. The first victim said the experience was “horrible” and that he continued to cry when he thought about it.

    Both of the charges faced by Krueger are felonies. The charge of first degree recklessly endangering safety is punishable by a prison term of not more than 12 years and six months, and/or a fine of up to $25,000. Distributing a hazardous substance is punishable by a prison sentence of up to three years and six months and/or a fine of $10,000.

    Bail has been set at a $250 cash bond and a $1,750 signature bond. Conditions of bail include no contact with the victims and maintaining absolute sobriety.

    Krueger’s next court date, a continuation of his adjourned initial appearance, has been set for 1:15 p.m. on Monday, April 22, in Ashland County Circuit Court.

    By Rick Olivo Staff Writer

    Source: AshlandWi



  1. GuerillaT
    Wow this is extremely close to where I live I can not believe that is crazy and wrong. Not to mention Ashland is a small town in the middle of no where pretty much....
  2. squeezix
    That sucks. The one legal substance that can't be analogued. Here we go again.
  3. Maca1
    Wow. Crazy.

    The thing I found with MXE which is unlike any other is that when a high dose kicks in you totally forget what you're experiencing is because of a drug. In fact you don't know what a drug means.
    Those demons would have been very real.
  4. kailey_elise
    What a fucking moron. *growl*

    I hate people who dose others without their knowledge. If you don't know you're experiencing a drug, you can easily think you're going crazy or have been poisoned. Such a fucking lowlife.

    While psychedelics and/or dissociatives *can* be used for such work...THE PERSON NEEDS TO KNOW THEY ARE ON THE FUCKING DRUG!!!!

    I feel that people who dose others without their knowledge and/or permission should be treated just as harshly as rapists (well, as harshly as rapists *should* be treated). Raping of the mind is just as damaging as rape of the body.



    ps. the link to the original article is here: http://www.ashlandwi.com/news/article_8b816f50-a70c-11e2-97a8-001a4bcf887a.html - hopefully it'll get added to the original post soon.
  5. Brill

    Yes. This guy's ignorant good intentions aside, it is the kind of thing a death camp experimenter would do.

    People who make a choice should make a choice fully informed, I think that is the whole idea of forums like this. That some choices should or shouldn't be available is the social debate, but if dangerous choices are out there people need the real information that enables them to avoid them, not drug war propaganda or the persuasion of a dealer.

    But nobody should have a choice like this made for them.
  6. SpatialReason
    You have to seriously be in awe of the mentally deficient. When people start talking in a way that these modern drugs are a shamanistic healing sacraments, it is safe to say that they are a severely left-field drug addled burnout with a lack of neurons on their own end. Folks tend to take these sentiments way too far, and they will do the most stupid acts. He could have even gotten attempted murder considering how this drug is a tranquilizer in its own right. It sounds like a cocktail that would be used in such a way. I hope the prosecutors show him some mercy for his own sake because they can, in all rights, trump that charge up on his case.

    As a former MXE addict, I could only feel but sorry for those folks. It is one of the most intensely powerful drug experiences you can have at high doses. It must have been hell to have that experience for your first time using... when having not elected to use it... I could only imagine they were in fear of their lives. Trust me, there is nothing wonderful about overdoing MXE. Giving first hand experience here folks: it is probably the most terrifying drug experience ever when pushing beyond the envelopes. The level of inhibition and hallucinations are nothing to be given a light evaluation. Those stories the folks were telling of seeing "people on buses" and hearing/seeing things are actually something I can believe. There is no short selling what can be felt or perceived in an MXE overdose. They have my deepest sympathies in that regard because it had to be really terrifying.

    What I can see though is the perpetrator of this stupidity had to be a severe user of this drug to find this to be okay. Your emotional understandings, personality, and everything becomes "depersonalized." With the right person, this void of emotion can become eventual psychosis as with most drug abuse. I think the guy probably had been such a fond MXE user that he had severed his ability to perceive right and wrong. Still, once again conveying my own personal experience, you can inherently avoid grief, emotion, pain, and self-loathing with the drug through habitual usage and do so rather successfully. However, the depersonalization will eventually take effect and people shall begin to notice the complete change and character. I don't even think I am the same after my long running binge use, but I think I stopped before becoming too forgone.

    My point is that this guy probably had lapsed his own ability to see the line of "okay and not okay," and I believe this is what can be suspected. As with many situations where people binge, abuse, or overstay their welcome with dissociatives, many things just become a living, conscious decision and nothing more. That's how these types of drugs earn their infamy with some bad incidents. When you dilute good and bad for long enough in the world of MXE, everything just becomes "a thought." I know that sounds weird, but that's how everything was with me. I hope this personal anecdote gives some insight to what MXE abuse can be like. I really do believe deep down this is what perspired with the guy and what would lead to such a stupid mistake. Even at the time, MXE to me was a glorified antidepressant of infinitely magical sorts, but it was a double edged sword. To anyone who is a current user, taking it to the extreme can lead to precarious and extremely compulsive activity.

    People are going to ruin yet another okay-drug in its own right through ridiculousness. It'll soon see its days coming to a close in the United States.
  7. al-k-mist
    I think the dude shouls be shot, since i am not a fan of incarceration
    As KE said, drugs can be great, sharing psychedelics is awesome, dosing anyone without their knowledge-even if you naively think they will enjoy it- is fucked
    even cops, and i think they all should suffer for the suffering they cause so many, do not deserve to bee dosed without them knowing
    okay, msaybee the last statement was too much
  8. Akanaro
    Spatial I resent that your call him a "severely left-field drug addled burnout". That's a bit harsh don't you think? I mean we all know that no amount of drugs could make anyone that stupid. ;)

    Anyway. I'd put this on the same notch as guys using Rohypnol on unwitting girls and then raping them. The guy with the Rohypnol might mentally actually even have caused them less trauma than this idiot.
  9. SpatialReason
    No, Akanaro, there are people first hand that I have seen claim the wonkiest stuff that drugs are capable of. Mushrooms are alien plants sent for communication, DXM is a teleportation device, DMT allows you to communicate with the dead, cannabis is a universal medication capable of fixing every ailment, heroin is love, meth enhances a person's ability to do everything, etc. Didn't you know these things? Of course you didn't! Because they are the products of the minds of guys who did too much of a certain drug for a bit too long. :p

    I have been in no way given a lack of hilarious drug rhetoric face to face. My response is "Well, that's cool. You know what is for certain that this drug does: it gets me fucked up pretty well."

    Even I was touting the insane ability of MXE to be an anti-depressant and a drug to fix all emotional turmoil, but that was short-sighted in the fact that it fixes nothing; it just makes the bad things go away for as long as you need them to go away while leaving you happy and unable to feel negativity at the time. I was beginning to lose my personality and my soul for that reason since I was just becoming an irresponsible emotional zombie, and it honestly changed me entirely when I started to get deep into it. It really did change me. For the permanent folks. I think a lot of cases of desperation and abuse will do that to someone where they don't want to remember there past, but it is rather saddening to think that I committed murder of myself. Yet the old little elements that I wanted to go away are starting to bleed through again, and I don't think I really want them back if you want to know the honest truth.

    It's a very powerful drug. This is all I am saying: none of this surprises me. Even I was wanting to believe it could correct the woes of humanity. :| It'll get any level headed individual who falls in deep love with this effects profile to feel that it can be the lord and savior of everything unholy.
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