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Aside from icky diphenhydramine, I was sober when I was sick.

  1. Tinkerblah
    WTH? I can stay sober and appropriately take my meds when I have a upper respiratory infection but have to be gone or waiting impatiently until it's time to be gone when I'm well?
    I am not being whiny, I'm just observing my own behavior.

    Also, I worked better sick. I guess that's because I was too tired to let my ADHD get out of the chair and why not get caught up if I couldn't wander about, right?

    What's going to be interesting is how I feel Monday when I transfer from management back to a salaried 'individual contributer' as my workplace calls it. I've been convincing myself that I strayed off the path of rx misuse and introduced alcohol to the mix since I took a management job. While that was the truth from a time line perspective, will going back to being a work a day person help me get back on the wagon? Time will tell and stay tuned. I have a feeling I may need the support.


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