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Assassins sent to silence arrested foreign drug traders of new drug

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    Justice Secretary Leila De Lima said the Bureau of Immigration has been told to be on alert for hired assassins who are supposedly trying to enter the country to silence Canadian nationals arrested in raids earlier this month.

    "If they try to enter through the usual ports of entry in the country, malamang hindi sila makakalusot. Mahaharang sila," she said on Friday.

    The Justice chief admitted, though, that the assassins could try to enter the country illegally. "Kung mag-backdoor sila, mahihirapan tayo."

    NBI Director Virgilio Mendez said counterparts in Canada, the US, and Australia told them about the assassins. He said they "personally came here just to warn us that the threat is serious."

    New party drug

    The recent arrests have cracked open an international narcotics operation that seeks to introduce "crackling" into the Philippine party scene and turn the country into a regional hub for the new drug, which reportedly combines methamphetamine (shabu) and cocaine, and is two to three times more potent.

    According to a report on "24 Oras" aired Friday evening, NBI agents found the new drug during a raid on suspected members of a Canadian drug syndicate.

    Crackling is reportedly concocted using a kind of wax, and comes in flavors like cherry and rootbeer.

    NBI Deputy Director Ruel Lasala said in the report that the bureau's chemistry division is still studying the composition of the party drug.

    An NBI chemist said the drug causes euphoria. "'Yung feeling of pagiging high talaga. Nakaka-damage ito ng central nervous system. Iba yung tama niya," she said.

    Lasala said NBI operatives are also checking whether the drug has hit the local market.

    Photograph Jay Directo, AFP
    24 January 2014
    GMA News


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    NBI obtains photos of Mexican drug cartel's 'hitmen'

    The National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) has obtained photos of two alleged assassins hired by the Sinaloa Mexican drug cartel to "silence" three drug suspects recently arrested in Metro Manila.

    Justice Secretary Leila de Lima said that the drug syndicate intends to prevent the suspects from giving information on their drug operation.

    Two were sent here or being sent here to access those who have been arrested and silence them. That's why the Bureau of Immigration has already been alerted about the Canadians.

    Two of those arrested in recent raids in Taguig and Makati were Canadians James Riach and Barry Espadilla, who are suspected to have links with the international drug cartel.

    Airports and seaports have been advised to be on the lookout for the drug cartel's hitmen, the justice secretary said.

    However, De Lima would not discount the possibility that the assassins may have already entered the country.

    Riach and Espadilla, along with Tristan Olazo, were nabbed in condominium units in Makati and at the Bonifactio Global City during simultaneous raids that yielded drug-making paraphernalia estimated to worth millions of pesos.

    January 24 2014
    ANC, Yahoo Philippines News
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