Assholes Who Make Up Reasons To Get Drugs From Doctors

By dormouse95 · Jan 5, 2015 · ·
  1. dormouse95
    I have a problem with people making up reasons or exaggerating symptoms to get prescription drugs and people who buy the pills from other people have done this. It pisses me off. Badly.

    Assholes like that are the reason I can't get a prescription of Hydrocodone for my fibromyalgia pain at the pain clinic. They're the reasons doctors think I'm faking my very real pain.

    They're why I have to jump through hoops to get my Vyvanse every month. I have ADD, I went through lots of testing before being put on that drug. I need it and I don't misuse it ever.

    One time, when I had to suddenly leave my old psychiatrist because of abuse, I found myself without a prescription for my benzodiazapines. I had to go to the hospital, where after much discussion, they gave me a 1/3 of my usual dose in case I wasn't lying, because otherwise I would have died. People scam doctors for these, to be safe they had to assume I might be one of them.

    I'm angry at those who scam because they're bored, or don't take the energy to seek mental health options they have, or are going to sell them. I'm furious at you people.

    To those who are addicted and do this out of desperation-I'm mad at the situation, but not you. I get desperation. I know addiction is a sickness. Please get help-for your own sake-as soon as you can.

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  1. Diverboone
    Below is my understanding of the OP's blog. Yes every word is taken out of context, but I sincerely believe this is what they were trying to say.

    "because of abuse the reason I can't get a prescription of Hydrocodone
    I have to jump through hoops to get my Vyvanse every month
    I found myself without a prescription for my benzodiazapines
    I had to go to the hospital, where after much discussion, scam doctors for these.
    those who scam are addicted and do this out of desperation
    I know addiction I get desperation I have a problem"
  2. davestate
    Well really all 3 are hardcore drugs with risk of addiction, abuse and death, of course they are cautious about giving them out. The same applies to any prescription handed out by a doctor.

    Got a cough/bad chest/sore throat? They don't just throw antibiotics at you any more, they need to do tests because 1. It's proper to know what you have and what will treat it and 2. They've been prescribed too many times when they shouldn't have been. 3. It could be dangerous to you 4. It could be the wrong way to treat. There are many illnesses that don't require an "abusable" drug that require many hoops to get, but you will get them if you need them. Anytime I've been to a Doc with an illness, and I know a good lot about medicine, I let them take the reigns. It's their job. Sure we'll "diagnose" back and forth but I never pushed for anything until given options.

    Hydrocodone, Vyvanse and benzo's? Quite the combo, any Dr would be extremely careful prescribing you all 3 of those.

    Look, some of it might be down to abusers, no doubt. However a lot is down to increased effort into diagnosis, finding effective treatment options, keeping the patient safe and making them healthy.

    Fibromyalgia again triggers red flags in any Dr, myself included, I won't comment on my thoughts on it, but many think it isn't a true illness, it is a diagnosis of exclusion, same as ADD, that requires many tests and even then, they cannot be definitive in the diagnosis, hence the tests.

    You say you went to hospital when your benzos ran out after you were cut off for abuse? No Dr I would know would straight cut someone off, extenuating circumstance excluded.

    Well I ended in critical care from Benzo withdrawal. I didn't tell them for a few days but when I did they got me on 75% equivalent dose diazepam of what I was taking (Etizolam, didn't show on their drug test, and I had a petechial rash develop fast not long after getting to hospital from bursting capillaries from seizing in work so hard, so inital treatment was for meningitis, all the signs and symptoms pointed to it) Why didn't you get them to call your old prescriber to find out what you were on? Honesty carries weigh with Dr's, with anyone actually.

    Sorry for your hardship but I think you need to take a look at your own drug use. I sense frustration, you said it yourself, but don't take this the wrong way, I think you are rationalizing something about you that you know isn't right.

    Drug misusers are a small part of the equation, they have to be more worried about those who aren't addicted falling into that trap. An abuser is easy to spot. A sober patient with no history, or one who presents with uncommon or multiple illness requires much closer monitoring, then when on that drug needs that monitoring maintained. You wouldn't start someone on chemotherapy, then not keep close watch on them, you know?
  3. D0pe
    I think in the past doctors gave out prescriptions to generously.. At one time i was one if these pill seeking junkies for sure. 10 years ago i would,get a simple tooth pulled and get a script for 90 pills when i actually only needed a few..

    Its hard to place blame as it could be directed and placed on multiple entities...
  4. Handle
    Anyone who goes doctor-shopping is doing it out of desperation. many examples of people selling defrauded excess prescription drugs are funding the next purchase to keep covering their own addiction.

    Many of those who buy fraudulently obtained medicines from other "patients" do so for the same reasons, and may simply be too shy or lack the confidence to hit a croaker for a script.

    Many, many of the two categories above started out just like you, a person who believes they are going to the doctor in all good faith and being honest. It is a combination of addictive drugs that you seek, they can be used for legitimate conditions, but can also be sought out by desperate people. It is unavoidable, it goes with the territory of each drug's effect.

    Making prescription opioids available for addiction treatment to minimise harm is one way to lessen the pressure on doctors and patients to prescribe on the pretext of other conditions which may be used as a figleaf to obscure addiction from authorities.

    Doctors being strict with all comers is the best way to reduce anyone's likelihood of being wrongly turned away. The less they feel that they have been "beaten" for a script, the less resentment they will feel towards others making requests.
  5. dormouse95
    I hadn't really thought about the combination of hydrocodone, benzos, and Vyvanse being a concern to doctors who don't know me. I've been on medication for mental issues since I was 11, so.... they've tried a whole lot of medication on me and I know to be careful with prescription drugs. They don't know I know that.

    That's part of why I'm frustrated.

    That is a big frustration, fibromyalgia, though I can see why doctors are suspicious, I just wish things were different. It's extremely painful and I wish I could get some help. At the same time, I don't want unlimited access to hydrocodone or other drugs like that because I probably would get addicted. It'd be nice, though, if I could go to the doctor when I'm having a flareup once In a while, and get a no-refills prescription then. Maybe it's not people addicted or people wanting to sell hydrocodone as to why that can't happen. But I have a doctor who trusts me, knows I won't abuse a prescription he gives me, and he can't give it to me because of clinic rules. Should I be blaming the government?

    No, you misunderstood me. I never abused the benzo prescriptions then. My doctor was abusive, and he was my physiatrist and my therapist and I had to get away from him very quickly. Unfortunately, very few believed me because I'm the one who has a mental condition-never mind that it has nothing to do with paranoia of that sort or hallucinations-and he's an upstanding member of the community. Even if I'd been up for it, I had no case, and I left the city and stayed with a friend in another state for a while and that's where I ran out of my meds. I then went to a hospital and they gave me a third of what I usually took so I wouldn't die-and I had an appointment with someone up there, it just took a long time to get in. When I saw the phyciatrist up there and explained the situation, he gave me my meds, and offered to continue to prescribe for up to four months while I continued my search for a new psyciatrist in a new town somewhere close to where I lived.

    I know I'm on a lot of benzodiazipines, and the side effect of depression is worrisome to me. When I'm more stable and if I ever find meds that help me besides them, I'm going to go to a hospital and get off all of them.

    I'm not sure your "sorry" is sincere, but I'll assume it was and thank you, anyway. :) You may be right when you say I'm rationalizing something about myself. I'm in the process of getting off kratom-I never thought I'd get addicted to it. I'm doing the taper method, and am on half my "regular" dosage. Thanks for your response, you gave me a lot to think about.
  6. dormouse95

    Except that I didn't scam anybody-and no, that wasn't the point of my post, yes, the above is true. Although because of an actually interesting and helpful post below, I now am debating the first line. I wasn't when I wrote the post though.

    BtW: Were you trying to rap, make a poem, or what?
  7. davestate
    You have multiple docs? If so that only raises how "cautious" they can be

    Yep, understandable,Dr's have their backs are up agaist the wall with controlled substances now, I aint surprised. Here in N.Ire (UK) we have one of the highest benzo abuse rates. In the troubles they were handed out like candy, "non-addictive" compared to Barbs at the time. There was a major lawsuit went they realised "oh fuck these are extremely physically and mentally addictive...and Dr's just stopped benzo scripts prescriptions left right and centre. Same whent for heroin and cocaine too (1900's) back in the day, . I think the next problem will be SSRI's,discontinuation syndrome. Why if we can just keep one eye on the past and one on the future it#ll work, but bad blood and history repeats itself if we let it, but I Digress

    've had 5 broken bones, 4 surgeries, a year of learning to walk and I dint use a single painkiller during that time, that came later. They threw tramadol at me but had 0 desire to use it. I got trapped by using opiates to function

    When I was aged 17/19 I got into tramadol, opium, morphine, gear etc. My shink says I was deliberately inflicting severe mental pain translated into physical pain on myself for being for a self perceived failure, lotta back story around family life.
    However for you, it seems you get flareups, which need relief, then yes be totally honest with your Dr, tell him it might be short notice but you've a flare-up coming in and need a few days meds. Talk with the Dr, openly about the illness, though be careful mentioning drug names.

    Why blame someone? Long term illness is a shit to live with and a shit to deal with [/QUOTE]

    My apologies, honestly. I was a benzo abuser and it was hell.
    The side effects of benzos are lethargy, apathy, lack of motivation, depression. What else are you on? Ever though about tapering it? What do you do during the day, what do you take, what do you wanna stop?
    No it is sincere, I've been 'round this forum a long time, I tend to either be hostile/prodding at trolls or cautious/keeping watch/sincere when I fugure folk out, and Northern Irish Slang doesn't translate into tha same meaning as in the Republic lol, or anywhere lol
  8. dormouse95
    I have a psyciatrist and I regularly see a general practioner at an Urgent Care clinic because he's the only doctor who doesn't hold my mental illness as, "she must be unstable." I meant I have seen many doctors, either in the past when I wasn't seeing them, or when I was searching for a GP to take my other doctor's place since his working only a few days a week is very inconvenient-I didn't take meds from them though. Sorry for the confusion.

    I'm sorry for all the trouble you've had, and good for you for getting off them. That had to be hell.

    I hope I will get to the point where I don't blame anybody and can simply say illness is hell. That'd be a healthy place for me to be. I need a little more time, I'm afraid, but I'll get there.

    I would like to, but so far it's the only thing found that's helped my anxiety. I do think it worsened my depression when my previous doctor went up on them-one day when I find a good hospital and I'm stable from everything going on NOW, which I'm not, I'd like to check myself in and get off everything I'm on. Start a clean slate and slowly get back on a few things, change some things-get off the benzos except maybe Ativan-it really helps my extremely bad panic attacks. I take Klonapin (2mg), Dalmane (30mg) at night only to sleep. During the day I have the option of taking Ativan (2mg) up to twice a day, and some days I need it twice a day, and some days I don't need it at all. I only refill it every two or three months.

    I could see that. :D Well, I sincerely thank you, then. Like I said, you gave me a lot to think about, and it's always good to hear from another point of view. I realize that like the doctors in the past who judged me too quickly, I was judging others too quickly.
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