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At least 12 teens charged after detective enrolls at Redmond High School

  1. Terrapinzflyer
    At least 12 teens associated with Redmond High School are facing drug charges after a long-running undercover operation involving a police officer posing as a student.

    In charging documents filed earlier this week in King County Juvenile Court, investigators describe the months-long operation that saw a Redmond police detective enroll in the high school and buy drugs from students there.

    Enrolled as a senior in August 2009, the detective described herself as a transfer student who'd recently moved to Redmond from California. She attended classes, ate lunch at the school and lived as a high school student.

    According to charging documents, the undercover officer was able to buy a wide variety of illicit drugs at the suburban high school, including ecstasy, heroin and cocaine.

    In addition to targeting students believed to be dealing drugs at the high school, the detective sought out and purportedly identified other youths supply drugs to the students.

    In one instance in December, the detective was introduced to a then-16-year-old boy who is described in court documents as an ecstasy supplier.

    Introduced to the boy by a Redmond High School student, the detective met with the youth at a Kirkland apartment where she bought a small amount of ecstasy.

    The following month, the detective bought cocaine and dozens of ecstasy pills from one student, setting up a drug buy at a grocery store parking lot.

    Court documents filed Wednesday describe ecstasy sales at the school. On at least one occasion, the detective arranged a drug deal at a cafeteria table.

    Describing an October 2009 heroin deal, investigators told the court the detective had been discussing prescription pain killers with a group of students. Having arraigned deals for Oxycontin, the detective went on to buy $120 worth of black tar heroin from a 16-year-old student.

    According to a Redmond Reporter report, 11 students were arrested in February.

    As the arrests were publicized, Redmond Mayor John Marchione described the investigation as a "wake-up call" for the community.

    "The fact that we can be proactive in reaching out to kids in both rehabilitation and enforcement is important," Marchione told the Reporter in February. "To pretend drugs don't exist in high school perpetuates the problem. They're there and if people are shocked if they are found at Redmond High -- or any high school -- I think they are naive."

    Court records show that 21 teens have been charged with felony drug offenses. They are not currently in custody.

    Seattlepi.com generally does not release the names of defendants charged in juvenile court.

    This is a developing story. Please check back for updates

    Fri November 05, 2010


  1. squeezix
    I guess it's not legally entrapment anymore, but young guys will do anything to be around a pretty girl, so I don't think this is indicative as to what is really going on in the school from day to day. I'm sure this CI pressed the issue and was super-cute.
  2. cartman
    that's very plausible, I'm sure if she looked like a rhinoceros she wouldn't have gathered as much evidence.
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