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Atlanta Falcons Fullback Allegedly Tries To Eat Marijuana After Traffic Stop

  1. Rob Cypher
    Oh, Jason Snelling.

    The Falcons fullback was driving a black Lincoln Navigator at 3:35 this morning when he got pulled over by a Winder (Ga.) patrol cop who'd noticed the vehicle was unable to stay in its lane. Upon approaching the vehicle, the officer then noted that "a strong marijuana odor" was wafting from it, according to the Barrow County News.

    Snelling allegedly told the cop he had been smoking weed earlier that night, when he had been visiting a friend. He also allegedly indicated there was a little bit of marijuana in a grinder in the vehicle's console. And that's when shit got weird:

    Not long ago, we advised motorists caught with small amounts of marijuana to take the same approach our man here did. But Snelling made two mistakes: 1.) He opened his mouth. Don't do it. It's a trap. 2.) He evidently didn't have his weed rolled into joints, which make it a lot easier to eat your supply in an emergency. Rolling papers tend to be hemp-based and perfectly edible, and the weed—all those "leafy particles"—goes down better when it comes in a self-contained unit.

    Dom Consentino
    November 15, 2013



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