attacking cocaine at its source is a failure.

By fnord · Sep 30, 2008 · ·
  1. fnord
    attacking cocaine at its source was meant to drive up prices, yet U.S. street dealers are selling it for less than ever.

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  1. NoLaurelTree000
    how does the government justify driving up the prices of cocaine so people need to pay an arm and a leg for it as a good thing? we would probably have less problems if we could get cocaine for under $2 a gram.

    granted, people might run into problems if they start doing cocaine arbitrarily, but when it comes down to it, an addict is going to buy cocaine no matter how expensive. instead of damning them to a life of near poverty, why not let them have their addiction (they will get off it when, and only when, they truly want to) and let them have some money left so they can be a productive member of society?

    if cocaine was $2 a gram, i doubt we would have such a problem with crack. not alot of people are going to want to/be forced to try crack when you can get a ball for under $10.

    you might find this article interesting aswell. it talks more about the war on drugs in general and how its a complete failure. hopefully posting this link isnt an infraction of the rules. i checked the rules and didnt find anything against it, but if it is i will take it down. i was going to copy the text of the article into a quote, but its fairly long, and i didnt really want to hijack the thread.
  2. wafcwarrior
    The war on drugs is a total failure and it will never be won, As they take 1 'druglord' down another 1 is right there to take over.

    The american government spent almost 4 billion $ (Correct me if im wrong) and spent 4 years to bring down Pablo Escabar and they probably barely mae a dint in the drug market for a day.

    As NoLaurelTree000 said if the drugs were easier to access and cheaper coke/crack addicts (Well crack addict would be eradicated because they'd be able to afford coke) Then these addicts would be acceptable members of society I wouldnt exagerate it to $2 a gram but say even $10 a gram of pure your then going to be able to get a ball for say $30 which of pure you aint gunna need a ball, So instead of combating against it the government should be pushing for more pure to be brought into countries IMHO.
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