Attempt to determine nature of headache by treatment with psilocin etc.

By Coconut · Jan 25, 2009 · ·
  1. Coconut
    The following is an e-mail which I received from a friend of a friend today.

    The week has been very stressful. Exams every day, resulting in a lot of getting up before the sun and attempting to cram mountains of information in the brain before regurgitating it.

    Went to sleep at about 12:00AM (midnight) on Friday night. Awoke five hours later (Saturday) to study and go to university for an exam.

    Last night, got to sleep at around 11:00PM, after approximately eighteen hours awake.

    8:40AM - Woke up with pulsating, very painful headache across entire head.

    10:30AM - Got up, ate bowl of cereal and had some orange juice.

    11:45AM - Took 500mg paracetamol with orange juice. Tablet split in half.

    12:20PM - Took another 500mg paracetamol with water. Tablet whole.

    2:10PM - Pain has not subsided and seems to be increasing slightly. Photophobia and phonophobia present: unable to listen to music or look outside due to sunlight. Ingested 0.3g dried Psilocybe cubensis (Cambodian strain) with a glass of water. Chewed for about thirty seconds before swallowing.

    2:45PM - Pain has almost completely disappeared, as well as photophobia and phonophobia. No other effects apparent except mood lift and desire to perform air-drumming!

    10:00PM - A relatively unproductive day but the pain and other symptoms have been entirely absent since about 3:00PM.

    Preliminary conclusion: As a result of this experiment, the headaches suffered on a semi-regular basis as a result of irregular sleep patterns may indeed be migraines. Coincidence? Perhaps, but it seems unlikely as this kind of headache almost always lasts all day. Further tests will be carried out once this is experienced again.

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  1. Metomni
    More about this. Now. SWIM is planning on taking a low dose of mushrooms the next time he gets a really bad migraine. Thankfully, this Winter has been pretty good so he has not tested yet.

    Updates on this treatment would be much appreciated, good sir. :)
  2. RaverHippie
    i know that there"s also been breakthrough in treating cluster headaches with psilocybin

    but i"m unfamiliar with classifications because i don"t get headaches
  3. helikophis
    This does sound very typical migraines, and corresponds quite closely to one human's experience. Cyclical occurrence, photo/phonophobia, failure to respond to APAP, pulsation, and long duration are all characteristic of one human's migraine experience.

    Does your friend ever experience visual distortions, such as colourful/pulsating occultations of vision, dancing "fireflies", points of light, or anything similar, either during or somewhat before the onset of pain? If so, there's little doubt in one human's mind that these are migraines.

    Good that your friend found an effective treatment. Migraines are horrible, and it has been suggested that they may cause brain damage over time. There are some preventative pharmaceuticals for migraines which some individuals have found effective, but they tend to have rather unpleasant neurological side effects, and don't work for everyone. It is likely that mushrooms are a much better treatment overall!

    Good luck to your friend.
  4. Spunion
    That is one home remedy that swim will have to try.
  5. ianzombie
    There are some good articles over on MAPS regarding the use of psilocybin containing Mushrooms for Cluster headaches.
    Swim has had varied success using them for the Migraine's they suffer with.

    Swim has found little relief from OTC or prescription medication, the only relief comes from a very traumatic walk to a dr.s for a couple of shots of industrial strength pain killer.
  6. psyche
    This is a remedy that should be known to much larger public. And it should be studied more intensively. Med MJ is a good cause also, effective for most patients for some ailments such as nausea, very effective even, but IMO this is on another level: it almost always takes away an unbearable pain. Cluster headache aka suicide headache sufferers especially shouldn't be in intolerable pain because of politics about mind expanding drugs.
  7. radiometer
    I suspect that many 4-substituted dialkyltryptamines would also substitute. I'm pretty sure there are some old threads on the topic with reference to miprocin.

    Ed's wife has awful migraines, and has been successful treating them with sumatriptan, which is itself very structurally similar to tryptamines like psilocin and miprocin.

    She's never tried it, but many is the time she has considered dipping into their collection of 4-subst. tryp's at sub-psychedlic doses to see what they might do.
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