Attempt To Kill DEA Agent

By darkglobe · Apr 7, 2007 · ·
  1. darkglobe
    From News Release page:


    [FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif][SIZE=-1]While not strictly drug news, I found this interestin.[/SIZE][/FONT]
    [FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif][SIZE=-1]
    [FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif][SIZE=-1]...Am I allowed to say "better luck next time"? ;)

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  1. Trebor
    Who do South American countrys give people up? I know if I was in charge of a country I'd offer asylum to to those who were wanted by the U.S. unless they were corporate crooks.

    Also, why do European countrys surrender people? Or Pakistan and all those other places?
  2. Nagognog2
    Because the USA protects their dictators who force their people to work for American corporations for pennies a day under threat of torture and death. Many European nations fall in line for fear of economic sanctions. Just as bad for a politician's career as a bullet to the head.
  3. darkglobe
    ^ An example: Dubya helped his lovely little 2003 election campaign (well it was 2000 and something anyway) along with t-shirts....

    ...Made in a sweatshop in Burma. Then post-election he banned all imports from Burma. What a nice, respectable president for you Americans!

    Yeah, ok, that was sorta a little bit off topic... but yeah...

    It's odd how America's hypocrisy goes unnoticed by the majority. Then again I'm not American.... what do I care, I hear you ask? Coz it's gonna f*** the whole planet up soon, if left...."unsolved".

    But seriously, the DEA website... what a load of trash. That's where I gleaned that lil' gem from, mind, so it's not that bad.
  4. Trebor
    With regards to the economic sanctions America may impose on Europe, Nag. Europe has a much stronger economy then America so I can't believe that. And besides, what are they going to stop sending us? McDonalds? Chrysleers? Chevrolets? Microsoft?
  5. Nagognog2
    Actually the EU has risen above being dependent on the USA. But if you take a look at the political events in Holland leading up to their last election, you may see something more frightening.

    Two key figures in the Dutch left-of-center political scene were mysteriously murdered. Security cameras that would have filmed the killings and the get-a-way by the killer/s had conveniently been turned off at the time of the killings. This, and other details, left a clear trail to the workings of an intelligence service. This may have been the siren-call to show that the USA will see to it that the EU falls in line - or be subject to treatment the USA is infamous for using in lesser-developed nations - like Chile in 1973.
  6. Alfa
    Note that Pim Fortuyn had announced to ditch the joint strike fighter. It is unknown if this is related, but it is a multi-billion dollar stake.
    In his case it was the security gates which had a mysterious malfunction for 15 minutes, causing the ambulance to be stalled until the would be president had passed away.
  7. darkglobe
    ...or Nicaragua.... vietnam.... iran.... hell, even Iraq wasn't as bad as made out...

    Lol. Something I chucked together seeing as this was going off-topic already :cool:
  8. El Calico Loco
    It's not just the US, and it's not just the government.

    Nor is it the Illuminati, or "the Jews", or a worldwide Satanic conspiracy. It's just a group of elitist aristocrat wannabes who wish to create a world government based on an ugly hybrid of state socialism and good old-fashioned English mercantilism. It's what happens when Fabians get together with the captains of industry for tea. Some participate because they want to end crime and poverty and war (by creating a worldwide police state), others because they know they'll wind up on top and own...everything.

    They have a lot of influence in the US, Western Europe, and the emerging markets of the former Eastern block. They own most of the third world outright. I suspect they have much less influence in Russia and it will be interesting to see how this Iran scenario plays out. I don't think the communists-turned-fascists will sit still while a mercantilist empire builds a ring of bases around their nations and siphons off the oil they want for their growing economies.

  9. darawk
    I realize this statement will probably generate a lot of controversy, but I have no problem with people killing DEA agents. I think they all deserve death. Fuck the idea that we should tolerate ignorance and stupidity, I don't think a single one of them is worth the air they breathe.

    It sounds extreme, but what war has caused more casualties than the drug war? Caused more people more pain? Violated more human rights and destroyed more lives? None. The Holocaust is a pebble next to the Mt. Everest of evil that is the "war on drugs" - and ignorance does not absolve anyone from their responsibility.

    I don't care if these idiots have been indoctrinated by the anti-drug propaganda, been brain-washed by DARE, or been convinced that they are moral crusasders in some sort of holy war against evil. If you're going to go off killing people and tearing apart families, you'd better be damn sure you're justified in doing so. In the case of a DEA agent "doing his/her job", either they disregard morality, have ignored reality, or don't care enough to find out. Whichever way it is, they're all worthless pieces of shit in my mind.
  10. Trebor
    Hmm. Here's another question.
    Why has no one tried to try the U.S. Government?
    Hiroshima 1945.
    America drops an atomic bomb. Knowing damn well that 140,000 civillians would be killed.

    Vietnam: Over 500,000 civillians

    The list could continue.
  11. darkglobe
    Chile, also.

    Nobody has tried them as nobody could confront a global powerhouse such as the US government. Their list of disposable assets is humungous, and their list of lawyers/bailiffs/thugs/allies/general baddies is enough to scare anyone.
  12. El Calico Loco

    I don't go quite that far - I'd rather see individuals educated and made better than eliminated - but I understand the sentiment. I don't think any drug user is ethically obligated to go peacefully when attacked by agents of the state. What the government is doing is Wrong, and any victim would be acting in self-defense.

    Of course, I wouldn't bet much on such an individual's long-term survival. The US government is the biggest gang around.

    Swim tells me he would go peacefully. If it comes to that, he wants his day in court.

  13. El Calico Loco

    I don't think one can try a government, because governments don't act - individuals do. It's no different for blaming "drug users" for the problems caused by hopelessly addicted individuals who turn to crime.

    I do think one could make a good case against Harry Truman for giving the go-ahead for dropping the A-bomb. One could also make a case against whoever authorized the firebombing of Tokyo, which killed more people than both atomic bombs. Or whoever ordered the bombing of Dresden, a city with no military targets. Or the generals and soldiers who killed 800000 Filipinos and nearly every Native American in the century before. As you said, the list goes on.

    However, I don't think it makes sense to blame "the government" in some collective sense. If that were the case, nearly every government that exists today would deserve the death penalty.

    Which, I suppose, is the primary argument of anarchists. :)

    (The anarchists make a fine point...I just don't think anarchy is a stable equilibrium.)
  14. Peace Frog
    [FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif][SIZE=-1]
    This line made me flip off my own screen. I can sum up that entire line in ONE little phrase! It's what they would say to us if we were to accuse them of being an organization that values money and power over human life.

    "I know YOU are, but WHAT AM I?!"

    Childish bullshit.
  15. Nacumen
    Perhaps one day the DEA agents will be tried for war crimes? The Nazis who claimed to be 'just following orders' were sentenced to death or life imprisonment. Why should the DEA agents be treated any differently?

    Both believe(d) they were doing the right thing, and both ruined countless lives in the process through military force.
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