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  1. Terrapinzflyer
    Attempt to smuggle drugs foiled in Jazan

    JAZAN: Mujahedeen forces in Jazan have foiled an attempt to smuggle 45 kg of hashish into the Kingdom, according to the spokesman for the forces in the province, Khaled Qaziz.

    He said the Mujahedeen were able to seize the drugs following a gunfight with traffickers in a mountainous area in Bani Malik. None of the Mujahedeen forces were injured in the incident, he added.

    One of the smugglers died in the fighting while another who was seriously injured was taken to hospital for treatment.

    Director of Mujahedeen forces in Jazan Ghallab Abukhasheem commended his men’s efforts in foiling the smuggling operation. “They have done a great job in serving the Kingdom and its people,” he said.

    Meanwhile, a border guard patrol in the neighboring Najran province arrested a group of people who tried to smuggle in 50 kg of hashish.

    “The drug smugglers were traveling through a rocky area in the province,” said Brig. Abdul Rahman Al-Shahri, commander of the border guard.

    “We have seized the drugs and handed the individuals over to security agencies for questioning,” he said.

    “Rocky areas are often used by smugglers as cover to bring drugs into the Kingdom.”


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