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Attorney: Driver Drinks Wite-Out To Cover Alcohol On Breath

By infekt · Jul 26, 2008 ·
  1. infekt
    OMAHA, Neb. -- A man convicted of drunken driving this week tried to use Wite-Out to cover up his crime, prosecutors said.

    Douglas County Attorney Don Kleine said surveillance video from the night Juan Briceno, 33, was booked into jail shows Briceno drinking from a bottle of correction fluid to cover the alcohol on his breath. The tape shows Briceno wiping his mouth on his hand and shirt after taking a drink.

    Kleine said he's not surprised at what some people will do once they are arrested.

    "There was an article recently about a guy who tried to eat his underwear while awaiting a Breathalyzer test," Kleine said. "He thought it would somehow mask the test result. Criminals do some strange things, and this is an example of one of those circumstances."

    Police officers spotted the Wite-Out on Briceno's hand and confronted him about it. He was taken for a blood test and tested at 3.5 times the legal limit of 0.08, prosecutors said.

    Briceno is awaiting sentencing.

    source: http://www.ketv.com/news/16979697/detail.html

    there's also a video on that page


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