Aussies warned not to import party pills from NZ

By Thirdedge · Oct 11, 2006 · ·
  1. Thirdedge
    11 October 2006

    Australians are being warned they face jail sentences if caught importing party pills from New Zealand.

    The benzylpiperazine-based pills are widely available in New Zealand, both in shops and online, but are banned in some Australian states including New South Wales.

    Sydney drug squad commander, Detective Superintendent David Laidlaw, said New South Wales residents found in possession of the synthetically produced drugs faced two years in jail.

    "We have identified a number of New Zealand-based companies advertising on the Internet, which are supplying residents across Australia with these products," he told the Sydney Morning Herald.

    Not all websites selling the pills advise overseas purchasers to check whether or not they are banned in their countries.

    Some of the pills were being marketed as being particularly strong, including one called "Bolts", which was described as being "like a lightning bolt of pure energy straight to your brain".

    "Bolts are guaranteed to make your jaws clench, your hair stand on end and your feet want to hit the dance floor," a website said.

    "Bolts are the strongest energy pills legally available in the world today."

    Police said benzylpiperazine was a synthetic drug developed as a potential antiparasitic agent and could produce an increased heart rate, nausea, headaches, fatigue, insomnia, seizures, confusion and mild memory loss.


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  1. Thirdedge
    Police warning on internet party drugs

    October 10, 2006
    POTENTIALLY fatal drugs that are legal in New Zealand but banned in Australia are being ordered over the internet and sent here through the post.

    Police today warned that possession of the synthetic benzylpiperaznie-based (BZP) products attracted a two-year prison term.

    The drugs, which can be bought over the counter at speciality shops in New Zealand, are marketed on websites under names such as Dark Angel, Grin, Red Hearts, Majik, Kandi, Frenzy, Altitude and Humma.

    BZP was originally developed as an anti-parasitic agent.

    A check of the internet today revealed at least four New Zealand-based websites selling the drugs and offering to post them anywhere in the world.

    NSW drug squad commander Detective Superintendent David Laidlaw said law enforcement agencies in both countries were speaking to the companies involved to make them aware it was illegal to send the drugs to people in NSW.

    "While these companies have not broken any laws in New Zealand, NSW residents receiving packages of tablets containing BZP face prosecution and possible jail time," he said.

    The drugs could produce increased heart rate, nausea, headache, fatigue, insomnia, seizures, confusion and memory loss.

    There had been at least one death linked to BZP, Det-Supt Laidlaw said.

    "We are concerned that NSW residents ordering these tablets over the internet are unaware of it being illegal to possess.

    "People are also jeopardising their lives by using these tablets and we strongly warn residents against purchasing or using them," he said.

  2. Paracelsus
    typical anti-drug propaganda. instead of sticking to the subject, they provide misinformation about BZP.

    At least one death linked to BZP? Watch this:

    "By some estimates, aspirin-related deaths alone number more than 1,000 per year." - Institute of Health Sciences, L.L.C., July 22, 2003

  3. klaatu

    Let's put that into perspective.

    According to a report in 2005 by the Office for National Statistics alcohol-related deaths in England and Wales, 2001-2003 were 18,583.

    Let me repeat that - 18,583

    And that's just for England and Wales.

    You can see the data yourself at-

  4. Paracelsus
    I knew that alcohol results in much more victims and most of us do so. But I wanted to point out that even aspirin, a drug which is very common almost everywhere and recognized as safe, can result in a lot more deaths than dangerous drugs like BZP (1 recorded death) and GHB (1 recorded death).
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