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  1. enquirewithin

    Spare's "automatic drawings" are fascinating. He also wrote some very obscure books, which are very curious. He associated with Crowley briefly, but they were not friends, Crowley calling him a 'black brother". Spare made a contribution to the Equinox. He was, however, important to Grant's Typhonian OTO. Rescuing Spare from Obscurity was may be Grant's major achievement.

    Like Crowley, Spare has been an inspiration to many musicians, especially Coil and (sadly) heavy metal bands.

    Spare used the 'death posture' to achieve altered states of mind (this really involved hyperventilation). His invention of glyphs was very interesting (and used by GPO's Temple of Psychic Youth).

    In 1913 Spare published The Book of Pleasure (Self-love), subtitled The Psychology of Ecstasy, in which he expressed the substance of his occult researches. In this, considered one of his most important works, he explains how occult powers may be invoked from ancient strata of the subconscious mind; a technique he called the Formula of Atavistic Resurgence. He describes the so-called "death posture" to contact deep layers of the unconscious. He also developed a method of using talismans by which a word or phrase (expressing one's intention) is reduced to a simple sigil, which one then impresses on one's subconscious.​


    Spare is often presented as a man who proffered seclusion, but his liking for pubs might have been the real reason for his obscurity.

    Now there is major exhibition of his work in London:


    For in London, there are some interesting talks too:



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