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Australia and Pakistan unite against drug crime

By buseman, Dec 4, 2010 | |
  1. buseman
    Australia and Pakistan have joined forces in the global fight against drugs, the two nations signing a Memorandum of Understanding in Canberra today.

    Australian Federal Police Commissioner Tony Negus and Federal Secretary of Pakistan’s Ministry of Narcotics Control, Mr Tariq Khosa, signed the Memorandum of Understanding Combating Narcotics Drugs and Developing Narcotics Control Cooperation at the AFP Headquarters in Barton.

    Bolstering the united stance against drugs and transnational crime, the AFP and Pakistan’s Anti Narcotics Force also signed a ‘Letter of Intent’ to establish a Pakistan Transnational Team on Drugs and Crime, funded for the next three years under the Pakistan New Policy Initiative.

    The partnerships formed today reflect a strong and united stance by Australia and Pakistan to do everything within their power to protect people from the destructive influence of drugs, Commissioner Negus said.

    The trafficking of drugs and precursor chemicals, as well as money laundering between Australia and Pakistan, seriously jeopardise the public health, safety and wealth of the two countries.

    While this particular Memorandum of Understanding signed today focuses on drug crime, enhanced transnational cooperation between law enforcement agencies is critical in identifying and countering all matters of associated crime.

    Friday, December 03 2010


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