Australia: Rare glimpse into underworld

By Euphoric · Nov 12, 2007 · ·
  1. Euphoric
    It's funny reading tomorrow's news. Timezones...
    $1000/week marijuana habit? Maybe I should've labeled this propaganda.

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  1. FuBai
    If he was paying 4,200 for 16 ounces, then 1 ounce cost him 262.5, which means he would have to be smoking 3.8 ounces a week to expend 1000. He wouldn't have had a chance to put down the joint
  2. lulz
    He was paying 150 euro an ounce buying quantities by the pound??

    No wonder he got busted, he's obviously a cretin. My uncle Joe has visited Sydney many times, and $4200 Australian (2,566.52 euro according to for a pound of weed is completely absurd.

    Darwinism at action/don't get (too) high off your own supply.
  3. FuBai
    Or he lied to accentuate his "addiction" in the hopes of a lighter sentence.
  4. lulz
    If so, he must have been stoned off his nut when he entered his plea. "Pound smokers" are stricly the domain of braggadious hip hop MC's.

    Not to knock Mos Def, between "Black On Both Sides" and "Black Star" he's one of my favorite MC/producers out there.

    But a judicial defense of "Your honor, I smoke a pound of sess on a regular basis" is likely to get him a belly laugh from the judge, and a long term sentence in jail.

    Perhaps he's a poster boy for not defending yourself in court. We're not all that dude from "Good Will Hunting".
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