Australian Federal Police Seize Record Amount of Ice in Sydney

  1. angelraysmehigher
    Australian authorities have launched an investigation after intercepting more than $430 million worth of the drug ice inside a shipment of refrigerators.
    The container, shipped from Singapore, was declared to contain electric ovens. However, when examined by police at Sydney's Container Examination Facility on March 30, officers found 11 commercial refrigerators inside. X-rays suggested there were inconsistencies with the make-up of the fridges, prompting officers to investigate further.

    Upon removing the back panel of seven of the fridges, officers discovered 561 packages of white crystalline substance, suspected to be methylamphetamine. Testing conducted following the find confirmed that it was indeed methamphetamine AKA "ice".
    Police estimated the drug shipment, weighing 585 kilograms, had a potential street value of $438 million. According to Superintendent Garry Low of the Australian Border Force, the find is the largest that's been seized in NSW this year and also one of the largest that's ever been seized.

    The discovery prompted the establishment of a joint investigation involving the Australian Federal Police, NSW Police Force's Organised Crime Squad, and the Australian Border Force.
    On the 5th April, police executed two search warrants on properties in Sydney and investigations will be extending overseas involving overseas authorities. No arrests have yet been made.

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    Written by: Matt Dunn, Apr 8, 2019,

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  1. angelraysmehigher
    Australia's Ice Epidemic is spreading rapidly throughout our communities. It seems as though almost everyone is "on it" and it's consumption is occurring more frequently unconcealed. Majority of the users I know and have associated with hardly blink an eye about pulling the pipe out inside a parked car where people can easily see in.
    I truly believe that our authorities are trying to tackle this growing problem absolutely the wrong way and there needs to be more support available and given to people caught involved with the drug on the lower end of the supply chain.
    Some of my old friends are repeatedly being caught with smaller quantities that still register for supply or intent to supply. They'll focus and waste their resources trying to get information out of them while those further up in the syndicates remain unknown and under the radar, distributing massive amounts of the drug across our cities. For every one person that gets caught, another is released from jail and starts up again and or another one to several users will succumb to their habit and start to sell and supply the drug for exceptionally organised syndicates.
    I know that authorities need to start somewhere but the way they seem to be tackling the problem in my area anyway, will never work. It will take them years, if at all, to ever identify the top dogs running these drug syndicates. Don't know what the answer is but they need to workout something different. Or at least offer help and support to the typically younger runners that end up spiralling out of control after they are hit with one meth-related charge. Some of these people I know that are now in jail would definitely have had the potential for rehabilitation if they weren't labelled as criminals and ostracized within our community.
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  2. kumar420
    I'm living on a uni campus and have the suspicion there is a major dealer nearby.
    On my way home from the shops, found a bunch of new empty point baggies in a freshly opened packet with one bag that had about a point of crystal in it. Seems like somebody was going home to bag up. Looked like pure glass.
    I kept it for myself, since I had never tried it before. (I realise this is extremely dumb and not in the interest of harm reduction, but it was a REALLY bad week).
    Not a particularly great high from intranasal, don't really see why so many people get hooked. Although I've been told that smoking it is a much stronger high.
    Never really been a fan of uppers, so that might be it.
  3. angelraysmehigher
    @kumar420 sorry to hear you have had a bad week. Hope that things have picked up and you're feeling better.
    I'm glad that meth didn't appeal to you, it is a horrible and consuming drug and I wish it hadn't appealed to me. That or that I had more self-control to reign my habit before it grew.

    I'm honestly not surprised you stumbled across some loose evidence like that. A couple of years ago I would have been shocked but nowadays it seems so many people are on it. Plus people don't really care anymore if others know or not. They might have at first but then get so fried they don't give a shit whether they earn that reputation. Plus the clumsy forgetfulness that comes with chronic use... They probably still haven't noticed it's gone!

    And yes I've never enjoyed meth via intranasal route. Didn't feel like it did much for me but smoking is an instant hit. It's always been my preferred method for consumption. Oral ingestion can result in higher and more intense euphoria but it's onset is slower, I think about 20 mins. I've never taken it intravenously though and don't intend to. But as one would expect, it's meant to give you the most intense high.
    1. kumar420
      The fact that it was like snorting cyanide (at least what I assume it would feel like that) kind of put me off. Even snorting crystal MDMA doesn't hurt that much.
      It did give me a bit of an extra edge while playing CSGO, which was okay for a bit, but then it just got too... jittery for my liking. My only real experience with uppers is cocaine and very infrequent speed usage, neither of which really hit the spot; they were only a means to drink for longer without getting sloppy (that cocaethylene is a hell of a buzz though).
      I'm more than happy to stick to booze and weed as my staples, although the cost of fucking cigarettes here is starting to break the bank (well it has been for a while, but since I've cut down on the other 2, I tend to smoke a hell of a lot more).
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  4. davidsaunders6662
    Hmmmm this could explain alot actually....
    This is probably where all the good gear went boys....that's why they've been passing around the shi*ty Racemic Meth lately.
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