Australian man's ridiculous excuse for driving on wrong side of motorway for 13km

By aemetha · Mar 24, 2019 · ·
  1. aemetha
    An Australian man has been charged and fined after driving on the wrong side of a Sydney motorway for 13km.

    His explanation for the incredibly dangerous decision? He wanted to avoid an upcoming tollbooth.

    Frank Mollica got on the M5 amid heavy traffic on Saturday morning (local time), and allegedly veered his ute into the opposing lane and battled past oncoming vehicles for an incredible 13km.

    "I'm surprised I survived it," he told 7 News.

    After successfully dodging other vehicles going 100km/h, Mollica eventually ran out of luck when he tried to cross back into the correct lane. He crashed his ute into the centre barrier, leaving the vehicle stuck with two wheels in the air.

    "I got on about four tollways down - I was trying to avoid the toll - and come over this little bit in the middle and it didn't work," he told 7 News.

    He confessed that he'd taken speed (amphetamine) at a party a couple of days before his reckless motorway antics.

    Local police told media the stunt was "one of the most grave, dangerous driving events that we've seen in a very long time".

    Mollica is now facing several charges and fines, including a charge of dangerous driving.

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  1. Robert Rinaldi
    It's not surprising that amphetamines were involved in this incident. Four weeks ago I got on a powerful motorcycle after using crystal meth. That ended with an ambulance ride to the emergency ward and I'm now at home in a wheelchair until my broken legs heal. If I were not under the influence of amphetamines, I would not have ridden above my capability and would not have crashed. The safest drug for driving or riding safely is THC, without a doubt.
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