Australia's Growing Drug Crisis:Drug lab busted, $2.5m of ice & assault rifle seized

  1. angelraysmehigher
    Detectives have busted a “large-scale clandestine ice laboratory” in the suburbs of Sydney, arresting five people and seizing two high-calibre weapons.

    Officers from the State Crime Command’s Drug and Firearms Squad began investigating a criminal syndicate suspected of manufacturing and supplying ice in February this year.
    Almost two months later, following inquiries, detectives from Strike Force Bardoo executed a search warrant at a unit in West Sydney suburb of Strathfield, just after midnight on Friday 5th April.

    Upon entering the unit, detectives located what they described as a large-scale clandestine laboratory in the process of manufacturing methylamphetamine.
    Inside, they seized about 5kgs worth of the drug.
    During the raid, five men aged 23, 26, 28, 39 and 47 attempted to leave the property, but were arrested and taken to Auburn Police Station.
    The 23-year-old man was found to allegedly had $66,000 in cash on his person.

    About an hour later, approximately 1am, a second search warrant was executed at a unit in Lidcombe, a nearby suburb also of Western Sydney.
    There, officers seized a M4 carbine automatic assault rifle, a 9mm pistol, $11,000 in cash and various drug paraphernalia.

    Specialist police officers are in the process of dismantling the lab today, and a Fire and Rescue NSW HAZMAT team has been on scene at the Strathfield unit.

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    Written by: Stuart Marsh, Apr 5, 2019,

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  1. Sephiroth
    I don't know what drugs have to do with weapons. Tabloid press, anti-drug propaganda I guess.
  2. angelraysmehigher
    I don't disagree, I pay very little attention to the media and tv news myself, it's mostly all biased garbage anyway.
    But the weapons are of significance I would think only because it is illegal in Australia to acquire a firearm without first obtaining a shooters licence and then applying for acquisition and registered ownership of a firearm.
    At least in NSW anyway. Our gun laws are more strict in Aus than in the US, but also here each state does regulate the use and ownership of guns a little different to one another I believe.
  3. kumar420
    Assault rifles are most definitely illegal here. Fairly sure the only guns that are legal for a civilian to possess (with a license of course) are hunting rifles and shotguns.
    The media always tries to paint drug dealers and addicts as unpredictable psychopaths, which might be true on occasion. From my experience (and I'm sure most of us feel the same way), most people are just trying to get by and will do whatever it takes. Its saddening how the media eschews facts in the context of certain subject topics. You'd think they would have figured out that 'Drugs are bad, mmkay' is an antiquated and ineffective strategy.
    There are a couple of decent news outlets that reported on the recent festival deaths and urged people to reconsider the idea of pill testing at festivals, unfortunately the vast majority of people and politicians aren't interested in harm reduction, just outright illegality.
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  4. davidsaunders6662
    Yeah They should leave the “large-scale clandestine ice laboratory” alone especially the ones in the bush lol

    But I'm with LE about seizing that weapon (Colt M4)...that's a Fully Automatic Rifle designed for fighting Wars man.
    The amount of damaged that's capable of doing to a crowd would be devastating. Look what that fool recently in NZ was able to do; 1 man, killed 50 and injured 50 civilians (and those were only Semi-Automatics).
    I know the weapon was probably intended to be used for rivals or for security whatever - but still the capability is there and I'm glad it got cleaned up - Fully Automatic Rifle in Civilian surroundings.
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