Austria and Poland ban Spice after analysis reveals actives

By Alfa · Dec 18, 2008 · ·
  1. Alfa
    As a result of the analysis of Spice, earlier this week, proving to contain the cannabinoid JWH-018, the Austrian government has now banned Spice and similar blends containing JWH-018.

    According to Austrian newspaper Der Standard, this will affect "Spice Silver", "Spice Gold", "Spice Diamond", "Spice Arctic Synergy", "Spice Tropical Synergy", "Spice Egypt", "Spice Yukatan Fire", "Smoke", "Sence", "ChillX", "Highdi's Almdröhner" and "Earth Impact"

    The Polish government has announced that they will ban Spice shortly.


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  1. Alfa
    VIENNA, Austria — Austria's government has banned sales of an herbal mixture sold as "Spice" because experts say it's four times as powerful as cannabis.

    The Health Ministry says the ban on the drug also known as "melange" will take effect immediately.

    Officials said Thursday the narcotic is being marketed under a number of brand names including "Spice Silver," ''Spice Gold," ''Spice Diamond," ''Spice Arctic Synergy," ''Spice Tropical Synergy" and "Spice Yukatan Fire."

    Authorities across Europe have been taking a closer look at the herbal mixture since its use became trendy earlier this year. They say it is being sold on the street as well as in so-called "head shops."

    Officials say "Spice" is typically rolled into cigarettes and smoked
  2. BackToBasics
    Budgie wonders when the rest of the EU will follow..pretty soonish he should imagine! Shame, he rather enjoyed Spice and the Yucatan blends.
  3. Raz
    SWIM is confused. Cannabinoid JWH-018 hasn't been found in Spice Gold, Spice Silver and Spice Diamond but they are banned too.
    "What the fuck ?" is the only possible response here.
  4. geezaman
    Well there had to be something making it so much better than other available herbal smokes, SWIM guesses they found what it was.

    Will be interesting to see in countries where it has or will be banned if it becomes available from normal drug dealers. SWIMs own experience of spice was not the best, although effective he found the taste unpleasant and smoke harsh, however he knows a few people who now much prefer it to cannabis.

  5. sg43
    Dang ya beat me to it Alfa, amazing this was not figured out till now.

    One interesting part is the "and related cannabinoids" statement, makes swim wonder what other JWH compounds are hiding in spice?
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