Authorities raid psychedelic lab in Jackson County

By chillinwill · Jan 27, 2009 · Updated Jan 27, 2009 · ·
  1. chillinwill
    Sylva – Authorities in Jackson County arrested a 34-year-old Glenville man after finding a lab for making psychedelic drugs in his home, a host of designer drugs, guns and cash.

    Matthew Jordan Reynolds is in jail in lieu of $200,000 bail.

    Capt. Steve Lillard of the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office said deputies searched his home on Thursday, where they found a lab for making the psychedelic DMT.

    They also found 1,200 capsules and 100 grams of a drug called 2C-B, which was used as a drug in psychiatric therapy. It produces a short “trip” of about 3 hours and is considered milder than LSD.

    Investigators sized undetermined quantities of the designer drugs DOC and DOI, sometimes called molly paper on the street. Narcotics investigators in neighboring Haywood County this summer seized tabs of the drug in a car and later at a house. They suspected it in two violent arrests, including one where a man was swinging an axe handle at oncoming cars in the middle of a traffic circle.

    In Jackson County, investigators also found two grams of psychedelic DMT, three pounds of psychedelic mushrooms, 59 hits of Ecstasy, 750 hits of acid, a half pound “high grade” marijuana and what they believe is a small amount of Hashish, and $7,000 in cash, Lillard said in a statement this afternoon.

    The N.C. State Bureau of Investigation was called in to help with the lab and the chemicals at the Old Post Office Road home.

    Reynolds is charged with four counts of felony possession of schedule I controlled substance, three counts of possession with intent to manufacture, sell and deliver Schedule I controlled substance, two counts of manufacture schedule I controlled substance, trafficking in LSD, maintaining a dwelling to keep controlled substances, felony possession of marijuana, possession with intent to manufacture, sell and deliver marijuana and possession of firearm by a felon.

    By Jon Ostendorff
    January 26, 2009
    Citizen Times

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  1. chillinwill
    They found 100 grams of 2cb. He definitely was dealing than
  2. mictihtoya
  3. old hippie 56
    Take a look at his mug shot!!
  4. Jasim
    OMG, look at that picture! Classic. He looks like he was sampling his product a bit too much, lol.
  5. cannabis-sam
    Doesn't look like a hardened criminal does he, Looks more like a friendly hippy who has a love of psychedelics and cannabis.

    That cop looks like a right CUNT!
  6. Desertfox
    Lucky that cop saved all those children from those demon drugs, but now SWIM has got to go turn on the TV and watch some humans get massacered in violent, bloody ways. And then SWIM has to go to the store and buy some cigarettes and pay my taxes to fund the killing of innocent palastinians and iranians indirectly (your taxes pay for israelis to knock over houses with people inside of them). but man is SWIM glad he can sleep at night knowing this horrible man is behind bars away from children, oh wait no SWIM can't cause this man ISN'T a criminal and the country is being run by the worst kind of criminals, one with religious agendas, who are continually allowed to run rampant. We're creating are own hell and throwing the people who can save us(temporarily) from it into jail.
  7. podge
    Dear lord, id bet there are countless swimmers out there praying for a hook up like him in their area.
  8. papel
    I am still hoping that ne day i will have a neighbor like this guy.

    Even thou knowing he will be behind bars for so long he looks so happy, bet he ws still tripping and willbe tripping for the rest of his life heheh
  9. EyesOfTheWorld
    swim is saddened at the lack of DMT trade on upcoming Dead tour......
  10. Greenport
    This is ridiculous. All the drugs listed have been used in ways that benefit humanity - they're not meth or crack or heroin. Now we have yet another psychedelic chemist who is just trying to make the world a better place in a cell which would be much better served by those criminals who pedal addictive, dangerous drugs around our country.

    A sad state of affairs.
  11. Jasim

    I wonder what the extent of distribution he was involved in.
    I am reminded of the recent incident with the 17-yo girl on mushrooms getting killed on Ventura Freeway. I agree Greenport, that these psychedelics can be used to make the world a better place, but at the same time I am concerned about people like this distributing in a reckless manner to underage teens who don't always know what they are getting into. Truly a sad state of affairs. If only we could spread education and teach responsible use.
  12. ATWA
    The problem is that this poor guy does not realize what is ahead of him. I mean how the law will treat him for this. He is looking at a LONG time in prison. This is why the drug laws are bad. They take an otherwise most likely peaceful person and criminalize them. Drug laws bring in a bad element. Mandating having guns and all that. Putting people in prison.
  13. EyesOfTheWorld
    True, he does not look like a violent person, his gun possession was likely due to it being neccessitated by drug laws and such. Hopefully he was responsible in his distribution, and honestly, a half pound of this, a few hits of that, a couple grams of the other thing.....not much more than some swimmers keep around the house....this guy's "crime" was making some of it. sad.
  14. Greenport
    That is very true. These kinds of compounds are definitely effective at what they do, and if somebody doesn't know what they're getting into, it can turn out bad. And that brings up a good point because frankly, that's a 'lot' of psychedelic drugs and it would not surprise me to find out that he was supplying them in some kind of dangerous manner. And actually that's probably why he got caught. If that is the kind of situation/person we're talking about here, then yes I'd consider his arrest warranted.
  15. ATWA
    Arrest "warranted". Christ. The fact is that this person put those molecules into their own body and is responsible for the consequences. No arrest for drugs or entheogens is "warranted". Perhaps if an irresponsible amount is shoved down the throat of a 6 year old. People have to stop putting blame on "things" or others and start taking responsibility.
  16. Greenport
    Okay, if that be the case than all psychedelics should be free :)
  17. ATWA
    Yes they should be free. There should be free drugs everywhere. And all the churches should be turned into tripping centers with light shows and punch bowls of acid, mounds of magic mushrooms and peyote buttons. And prisons should be done away with and if a person is bad they should be dosed with some crazy high tech paranoia inducing molecule and shown scary movies. :)
  18. Jasim
    (bold added)

    My point exactly. But...

    I don't agree with this. There is a lot of misinformation out there and cultural ideas and values (here I'm referring to the uneducated 'street drug' culture) lead people to use these substances in an irresponsible way. Most people don't know how to properly go about taking a psychedelic drug.

    Psychedelics are fantastic substances! But they can be very dangerous if someone doesn't know what they are doing. And I believe that most people don't know how to properly go about a trip.

    There is so much wrong about the story with the 17yo girl. Obviously she wasn't experienced with psychedelics, so she probably should have tried a lower dose, but even so she should have had better babysitters.

    Who is to blame here? The users for not educating themselves? The people around the user for not being good babysitters? Or the dealer for not ensuring that those he distributed to were educated?

    I say the fault lies with society as a whole. If society didn't take such a puritanical, anti-drug view on these substances and focused instead on educating people about what these substances do and the associated risks, then maybe we wouldn't have so many problems. Maybe we could save lives instead of ruin them.

    Mass distribution of such substances when the public is sooo uneducated is irresponsible and reckless.
  19. Greenport
    lol ATWA well that's a bit extreme about inducing paranoia and making people watch scary movies. But yeah if this guy was just out to make a profit at whatever expense than he probably deserved what he got.

    Wonder if anyone's ever had the experience of watching Saw (or something similar anyways) on LSD...

    That's just asking for trouble o_O;
  20. yolbit
    Hmmm, SWIM fails to see the difference. A drug is a drug is a drug IMO. If you seek to get high or experience an alternate state of consciousness from anything, be it coke, LSD, pot, speed, alcohol or whatever, you're just choosing a different means to an end. People have died on hallucinagens, are they not considered dangerous as well then?

    SWIM sees SWIY're point in that the guy looks pretty harmless, the drugs he manufactures are considered less physically harmless (within the drug taking community). Surely though if SWIY thinks that meth cooks should be locked up, SWIY thinks that the majority of [a forum] users belong behind bars.

    **YOLBIT hides under a pile of blankets and waits for the insults to fly**
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