"Autopsy shows cocaine killed a Dublin man" - biased news at its most biased

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  1. klaatu
    Note: I've highlighted and commented in some parts of this - Klaatu


    Published on Saturday, September 09, 2006

    Autopsy shows cocaine killed a Dublin man

    DUBLIN — A Dublin man died from cocaine intoxication following an altercation with Bladen County sheriff’s deputies earlier this year, according to an autopsy report.

    The struggle between Billy Ray Cook and deputies and Cook’s heart condition may also have contributed to his death, the report says. (no shit, Sherlock - K)

    Cook collapsed and died April 16 after being shot with Taser guns by deputies. Lawmen responded to a 911 call at Governor’s Estate subdivision on Owen Hill Road, where they found Cook weaving and yelling, according to lawmen.

    Cook assaulted a deputy when the officer tried to stop and talk to him, lawmen said at the time. He continued to be combative. Deputies fired their Tasers multiple times before handcuffing Cook.

    Cook, 39, collapsed a few minutes after being restrained.

    The autopsy, performed by the state Medical Examiner’s Office, showed that six Taser darts were found in Cook’s upper and lower back and right arm. Eight Taser darts were turned over as evidence. A report of the Taser guns’ activity history indicated there were 38 trigger pulls delivering 5 second bursts of current, the autopsy stated.

    The barbed metal probes deliver a jolt of 50,000 volts of electricity. (didn't someone say this guy had a heart condition?!? - K) The jolts are supposed to incapacitate a person for about five seconds.

    Four deputies responded to the scene. The report did not state whether all four deputies fired their Tasers.

    Bladen County Sheriff Steve Bunn could not be reached for comment.

    History of drug abuse

    There were traces of cocaine and alcohol in Cook’s system, according to the report. Cook had a history of alcohol and cocaine use, the report stated. Cook also had severe coronary artery disease.

    The State Bureau of Investigation conducted an independent investigation into the incident and submitted its report to the Bladen County District Attorney’s Office.

    The county received a copy of the report from the District Attorney’s Office. The report was sent to the county’s insurance company this week, County Attorney Wes Johnson said.

    District Attorney Rex Gore could not be reached for comment.

    Lawyers representing Cook’s estate have not received a copy of the SBI report, said Cynthia Singletary, one of the lawyers.

    “We are just sitting back waiting on the SBI report,’’ Singletary said. “We will look at what it says before we start an investigation of our own.’’


    Clearly "Cocaine killed Dublin man" is the right headline rather than "Heart disease kills Dublin man" or "Alcohol abuse kills Dublin man" or even "Multiple Taser shots kills Dublin man with heart disease".

    Journalism at its finest...


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  1. wednesday
    i remember reading about the LSD and taser gun death and now this
    the police can get away with murder but SWIM can't smoke a fucking joint or drop a tab, utter bullshit
  2. Alicia
    maybe someone should wait for the cop who is responsive-able to have a bath and lob a hairdryer at his head while he in the bath then decide weather it was the electricity that killed him or the hairdryer..
  3. Riconoen {UGC}
    I thought ireland and britian were much more liberal when it comes to drug use than here in the states. Guess not. This shit happens all the time here, like the police shooting a man on PCP 11 times and blaming his death on the juice and getting a medal. This forum has made me want to build a compound out in the desert and live in seclusion from the rest of the world with only my best chemical freinds for company.
  4. Abrad

    ^^This did not happen in Ireland, unless the Bladen County sheriff’s dept. have set up shop here. And no it is not much more liberal, maybe a little but not much.
  5. Riconoen {UGC}
    Shit, well...the news story chould have been clearer, not my fault we have to name our cities the same as other countries. :D
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