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  1. DocBrock
    Werewolves version of 'Too Hot....'
    I've just noticed when Michaels amp cuts, Michael doesn't even notice!, he's rocking his fucking tits in to that solo.

    After this mornings self revelation, so am I
    Synaesthete -AND - utterly at one with the most awesome crunchy rock guitarists ever.

    Fuck knows what has happened, but he is glad it did

    Symptoms were like a building wave form on a rising tide, then decay to dysphoria, then co-morbid hi-lo, then this mornings tsunami.

    Bloody freezing cold though. 23C and I'm freezing.

    'Lights Out' Just fucking floored me with what it feels like play that and the best fucking lightshow in the world today.

    I could feel the emotion driving the fingers, and the feedback from the guitar as we played. No wonder he cracks every once in a while, that feeling was AWESOME.

    'Dr.Dr' seems formulaic, but a bit of fun. Bit of a letdown before 'Rock Bottom' takes it's toll.

    For the first time in my life -ever- I'm going to feel 'Rock Bottom as Michael played it.

    The only part that formulaic played a secondary role was the second part of the first solo. Michael is bored. Hmm. Has it gone already?Well, I could see Paul, and thought he was playing a blinder.

    Has it fuck. Just listened to 'Lost Horizons' from 'Budokan.

    I'm now dripping with sweat, and have phantom right hand finger pains. That was too much!. Literally and figuratively. I'm drained for now.


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