B.C. couple busted in Manitoba with a million ecstasy tabs

By Euphoric · Sep 8, 2008 · ·
  1. Euphoric

    B.C. couple busted in Manitoba with a million ecstasy tabs
    Winnipeg Free Press
    Published: Tuesday, August 19, 2008

    WINNIPEG -- A routine RCMP traffic stop Tuesday morning resulted in the largest seizure of ecstasy ever in Manitoba.

    Shortly after 1:30 a.m. local time, near Falcon Lake, Man., Mounties stopped a B.C. man and woman in a motor home with British Columbia licence plates.

    Falcon Lake is about 140 kilometres east of Winnipeg, near the Ontario border.

    Police searched the vehicle and found about one million ecstasy tablets with an estimated street value of $20 million.

    The driver, a man identified as Yan Kit (Phil) Cheung, 43, and his female passenger, Sok Wai (Gertrude) Cheong, 34, both from Vancouver, are in police custody and each faces charges under the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act.

    They are scheduled to appear in Winnipeg

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  1. Rhin
    I like how the police like to estimate each tab of E at $20 a piece to make it sound worse. But that is crazy imagine finding a million tabs of E.
  2. fiveleggedrat
    Assuming each pill of X weighs 200mg (fair assumption, no?), that would mean 1 million pills = 2000 kilograms, correct? That is equal to 910 pounds.

    If Swim did his math right (lolz), how is that physically possible?

    Swim calls bullshit on the cops.
  3. Rhin
    Actually 2000 kilos is 4409 pounds.

    Which means they had enough pills to weigh the amount of the average elephant and they fit it all into their vehicle even though it was a large vehicle it's hard to believe anyone would be dumb enough to try to get that many pills past security. Because in a motor home the only place they are going to fit that many pills is on the ground and if these people weren't totally challenged they would know not to leave them in the open.

    So yes I bet this was just an over exaggeration of the cops.

    Good Call :)

  4. dpayne
    Behind false walls or false floors inside mattereses/ couches a million pills could be easily concealed in a motorhome. Maybe not undetecable 100% hence the bust but 100k would fit easily in a car boot. So even a false ceiling with say 6inches drop accross the entire roof would be more than enough room wouldnt you think?

    Some of the shit people have been busted trying to pull off in the past is amazing, would be interesting to see that how they did it and wat got them sprung tho
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