B.C. Injection Site to Stay Open, for Now

By jardo · Sep 3, 2006 · ·
  1. jardo

    I'm delightfully surprised! Well, sort of. I think this is the Conservative Party's way of listening to all the FACTS, while still keeping their right-wing Christian family-values image in tact for voters who appeal to that sort of thing.

    With this strategy, they haven't fully committed themselves to supporting the program, leaving the future open to one of two possible scenarios in the event a federal election does occur:

    leave it up to a different minority government to deal with it, or to wait for a Conversative majority to scrap it all together. Thoughts?

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  1. allyourbase
    if canadas conservative party is anything like the republicans Ill give you only one scenario. this clinic will be closed. the funding will go to "national drug awareness" which will have no programs as radical as a clean injection site. it will only go to abstinance programs which to nothing to hinder the problem of drug use or the spread of bloodbourne pathogens. hundreds of addicts will be negatively affected and for the simple fact that the rich do not give two farts out their pink powdered assholes for anyone they consider "beneath them". such is the way of politics. liberals win votes by giving the appearance of caring, conservatives win votes by pretending to care until the election results are in. this seems far more like ploy by that party to leave undecided voters undecided.
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