Baby dobs in dad's dope crop

By ~lostgurl~ · Jan 22, 2009 · Updated Jan 22, 2009 · ·
  1. ~lostgurl~
    Baby dobs in dad's dope crop

    By CLIO FRANCIS - | Thursday, 22 January 2009
    An 11-month-old baby called 911 and led police to his "very surprised" father's marijuana plantation.
    Police arrived at a Whiterock home, in Western Canada, after they received a silent 911 call, the Agence France Presse reported.
    After repeated knocks at the front door went unanswered, officers entered the home.
    "The father was very surprised to see us and insisted he hadn't called police," Constable Janelle Canning said.
    The officers then noticed his 11-month-old child playing with a cordless phone, pressing buttons randomly.
    This solved the mystery, Canning said.
    "It appears the baby called us."
    Later, following a routine search of the house, police discovered 500 marijuana plants inside two locked rooms.
    The 29-year-old father was arrested and faces charges of production of a controlled substance and mischief.
    The baby was removed from the home by the Ministry of Children and Family,
    He was later released into his mother's custody.

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  1. DXMBunny
    the search doesnt sound very legal.. plus thats some very random numbers...

    but after figuring this out why was everything searched?
  2. ~lostgurl~
    Probably because they were some very random numbers so the baby playing with the phone could have been a decoy if someone in trouble had called the police - not likely but I guess they were just doing their job.
  3. guldenat
    Toddler's 911 call leads to grow-op bust

    [h2]Toddler's 911 call leads to grow-op bust[/h2]
    Police discover marijuana after baby with a cell phone brings them to house in Vancouver suburb

    VANCOUVER -- The 11-month-old toddler in his pyjamas was playing with a phone and a light-up toy ball when police, responding to a suddenly aborted 911 call, burst through the front door of his home in the Vancouver suburb of White Rock.
    The police found a quiet domestic scene. The boy's 29-year-old father was with the toddler in a bedroom, watching a late-morning television program. There was no emergency. But once the police were inside the house, they picked up a distinctive odour and quickly discovered 500 marijuana plants growing in the floor below.
    The toddler's accidental emergency call drew attention to a prevalent problem: The emergency call centre for Southwest British Columbia, known as E-Comm, receives several hundred calls by mistake every day, Jody Robertson, a spokesperson for E-Comm, said yesterday in an interview.
    "We have to follow up on each call," she said. "It is a concern. It occupies time of emergency operators as well as police resources."
    Many of them are referred to as "butt calls," she said. People program a button on their cellphone for a 911 call. They put the phone in their back pocket and then sit on their phone, inadvertently pressing the button for 911.
    Calls also come into the emergency centre by mistake from cellphones in a backpack or a purse.
    "We ask people not to program 911," Ms. Robertson said. "We do not see the need for it. It takes a split second to dial the number and [programming a key to dial 911] does cause accidental calls."
    Ms. Robertson pointed out another issue that may have led to the police arriving inadvertently at the door of the marijuana grow-op. Emergency operators phone back to confirm calls they receive. If they get a busy signal, they send the police, she said.
    The incident on quiet dead-end Goggs Avenue in White Rock took place last Friday. Police arrested the father for production of a controlled substance, but he has not yet been formally charged. A report will be sent to the Crown prosecutor, who will decide whether the evidence is sufficient for charges. Police will not release the father's name until he appears in court.
    RCMP Constable Janelle Canning, of the White Rock detachment, said police did not have any indication prior to their arrival that they would find a marijuana grow operation. "We were going simply for a 911 hang-up," she said.
    The father was startled to see the police standing in his bedroom. "He said to us, 'I did not call the police, why would I call the police?' " Constable Canning said. "We said, 'Well, here we are. We got a phone call.' "
    The police suggested the baby may have called, but the father insisted that would be impossible - the boy didn't know how to use the phone. "And a minute later, the baby is playing with the cordless phone and pushing all the buttons. So, he had inadvertently called us," Constable Canning said.
    The toddler appeared to be a happy little boy, she added. "One of the other police officers was playing with him and he was playing with his toys. ... He was pretty happy. He would play with whomever was playing with him. He kind of just took it in stride."
    The marijuana plants were behind a locked door and the baby had no access to the area. Nevertheless, police called child-welfare officials, who took the child and placed him with his mother, who was separated from the father.
    The mother told police she had no idea that marijuana plants were being grown in the home. She had dropped off the boy at his father's place earlier that morning on her way to work, Constable Canning said.
    A next-door neighbour said he had seen two children playing in the yard, the toddler and a four-year-old. The family moved into the rented house last July and moved out after Friday's raid.
    "They were nice people. They kept to themselves," the neighbour said.

    January 22, 2009
  4. Sven99
    A "routine search of the house" ? Which boils down to what exactly?

    It does sound a touch dodgy. Poor guy. It certainly wont do his kid any good if they throw him in jail. I hope they're lenient.
  5. TheMainException
    Seriously...routine? Gimme a break. That guy let them see a tad too much that he really didn't need to let them see. Did he forget what he left in the basement? jeese.
  6. Herbal Healer 019
    Thats pretty sad considering that child is going to have to live it out in foster homes because of the incident & the father will probably serve a lengthy prison sentence for merely cultivating a harmless plant with many medicinal values, probably so he didnt have to go through street dealers or to fund him and his family.

    Just another example of the drug war doing more harm then good in the name of "public safety"...
  7. Pickpoke
    Are there any pictues of the crop?? I'm pretty sure they would've released some right? In the newspaper or whatever.
  8. Phentasies
    You all do realize this is in BC Canada right???

    So then you certainly should know that this guy will almost certainly not see even 1 day in prison, he will almost certainly be given probation, especially if this is his first offense.

    Even more likely, some judge will find a way to believe that this was not a lawful search under the circumstances (even though per the law this is lawful if they "smelled" marijuana while there for a different reason). Its like if a cop pulls a car over for going through a stop sign, then smells marijuana coming from the car, it establishes reason for suspicion and that allows investigation.

    At the worse, he will get 30-60 days in prison. His son will be returned to him, child-services in BC deal with similar scenarios like this 100x a week, they couldnt afford to keep all the kids they find in grow shows, cause theres too many.

    The other month in SWIMs area a man was busted with over 150 clones in the back of his pickup truck. He had over 30, yes 30, prior charges for marijuana trafficking, posession, and growing. He was given probation for this most recent charge. In the USA, he wouldve gotten life in prison 25 charges ago.

    SWIMs brother was busted with over 300 rolled joints selling them at a park, the officer told him "Im not going to confiscate this because I know its worth quiet a bit of money and I dont want you to be in debt to someone, just dont let me see you here again". No ticket, no confiscation, no nothing but a warning.

    SWIMs friend was busted with over 1 million dollars in unexplainable assets and over 1 kilogram of cocaine in his posession. He never laundered his proceeds. SWIMs friend had no prior convictions and was sentenced to 4 months, with 6 months probation following release.

    I cant believe people here are acting like this guys life is ruined, when in reality I would be very surprised to hear him get more than 60 days at the worse, and I sincerely doubt his child will be taken away, almost certainly the child will be handed back to the mother. They may revoke his child visitation rights at the worse, but even thats not likely.

    It is these slack laws that are the reason behind Vancouver recently becoming the most violent city in all of north america, thrust into the midst of an all out war beteween three ethnic and multi-ethnic drug trafficking organizations that bank millions a week; the UN gang (caucasian/west-indian/asian), red scorpions (caucasian/west-indian), and independent soldiers (west-indian). Over the past 2 years or so, theyve gotten out of control in violence. Since start of 2009 theres been over 15 murders directly linked to the war, and numerous other attempted murders.

    Just google the word "Vancouver" in conjunction with any of these keywords; "gangland shooting", "surrey homicide", "bacon brothers", "targeted shooting", "united nations gang", "UN gang", "red scorpions", "independent soldiers", "surrey six", "home invasion", "Jong Ca John Lee", "Clayton Rouche", "Big circle boys murder", "triads"...
  9. TheMainException it because of the drugs that this is this way? Or is it because the laws in general are slack? (about more than just drugs I mean)
  10. Phentasies

    Think about it, drug trafficking from BC has been around for decades. This gang violence is a new phenomenon.

    The Hells Angels used to be the "feared" organization. Now theyre laughable, these gangs slaughter hells angels members without a worry, Hells Angels has become a joke to the drug trafficking community in BC, theyve lost all their power. These new school gangs are males 18-25 years old, driving bullet-proofed cadillacs and mercedes, banking hundreds of thousands a month for their paycheck, and strapped with US-supplied weapons.

    The US is an exporter of death in the form of guns. The US's slack gun laws are fueling the wars in BC and Mexico. Virtually every gun these guys have came from the US, often traded for drugs. If the US had gun laws like Canada, then BC and Mexico wouldnt be anywhere near as bad as theyve become violence wise. These guys can waltz into the US and trade a quarter pound of BC bud (cost to them maybe a couple hundred dollars) for an AK-47 and smuggle it back across the border and be gunning down their rivals the next day with untraceable guns.

    The reason the violence has gotten out of control recently has to do with slack BC sentences and the inexperience of the police to deal with this type of crime.

    It started with just 1 or 2 murders, when the police failed to even identify the suspects (let alone arrest and charge them), these gangs became empowered with the knowledge that the police are simply unprepared and not experienced to deal with this sort of crime. Things boiled over very quickly, and I dont think a single charge has been filed against anyone in any of these 2009 murders (over 15, not a single charge against anyone). The police even admit they have no suspects in virtually all these murders, they know the gangs responsible but beyond that theyre clueless as to who did what.

    This combined with the weak sentences for drug trafficking, assualts, attempted murders, kidnappings, weapon charges, and murders themselves, is fueling the fire.

    Shows like CSI, Spike TV's DEA, The First 48, and so on, have educated these gangs on the latest tactics to catch them. They watch these shows religiously as criminal education. Theyre very concious about forensic evidence and how to combat it. They often leave their weapons at the scene of the crime knowing theyve avoided depositing fingerprints on them. When you leave the murder weapon at the scene and know youve prevented any forensic evidence on it, it elimates the worry of being linked to the murder weapon and that is a huge blow to any murder case.

    BC's drug trade is estimated at 7 billion a year. BC is likely the worlds largest producer of marijuana, north americas largest producer of ecstacy and LSD, a major producer of methampethamine, and a major SEA Heroin transshipment point (into the pacific northwest of the USA). Its BC's slack drug laws that are the reason BC has reached these sorts of status. People are not afraid to grow fields of marijuana, to manufacture kilos upon kilos of MDMA, etc. They know the sentences they will face if busted are a slap on the wrist, almost literally.

    And drug users know they will face a slap on the wrist for using drugs, any drug, this also fuels the domestic consumption of these drugs, BC is a major consumer of its own product, but produces so much drugs it HAS to export most of it. Not to mention the drugs are sooo cheap to buy here, anyone can afford it. SWIM can get an 1/8th of the highest quality weed imagineable for $xx CAD. Marijuana here is unbelievable good quality, you can literally not find shitty weed unless you INTENTIONALLY try to find it.

    Harsher drug trafficking/production charges would lessen the number of drug production cases, but there is literally so many drug producers and traffickers in BC that harsher sentences would cause the jails to be massively over-populated. This is why BC doesnt do jackshit about marijuana posession/production/trafficking, because there are soooo many involved that the court system is backed up by YEARS already and the jails are overloaded already, and this is with very slack laws, imagine harsh laws like 20 year sentences.

    What would be MOST effective though would be the police actually solving these murders. These murders are happening daily, sometimes multiple murders in a day, the police are overwhelmed and cannot solve any of them. The criminals see this and KNOW theyre invincible from prosecution.

    Until the police start making arrests and CHARGES and the sentences are LONG, this violence is going to continue to rise.
  11. guldenat
    I sincerely doubt that Vancouver is anywhere close to being the most violent city in all of North America. Los Angeles, Baltimore, Camden, Detroit? A source that puts Vancouver in even the same range as these cities is required.

    I would disagree with this as well. Removing those responsible for the selling of drugs and those for the murders would solve only getting those particular persons off the street - which is fine, but all this strategy does is create a vacuum for others to take their place.

    A couple years back, Wales was quite effective in busting the Vietnamese gangs who had 'pot factories' as well as committed murders. For awhile, the availability of marijuana went down... as did the violence. Until they began to import from Holland. Now everything is back to the way it was, pot factories, violence, and all.

    Or take major cities in the United States for instance... the US has fairly harsh penalties for drug trafficking... and these cases are often pursued vigorously. Have the murders and crime gone down? No. Is upping the penalties going to solve anything? No, the US tried that with crack, it achieved next to nothing.

    A new approach is required here, not the same old tried and failed ordeal.

    Anyway, this is getting way off topic.
  12. Potter
    no it is procedure to come to a house after an unusual 911 call, just in case the person who called is say duct taped in a closet or has a gun pointed at them when they answer the door.
  13. PitBull884
    SWIM lives in Baltimore, not a big city as far as the population, and there are between 30/40 murders a year per 100,000 people living here. That my friends leads the good ole' U S of A! Not something to be happy about at all! Oh yea, did I mention, we lead the U.S. in heroin addiction, and STD's as well as murder rate. If we had the population of New York City, we would average at least 1,500 murders a year. 2008 we just missed 300 killed.
  14. cigol
    Canada INCLUDING Bc does have shitty weed. Not flushed or cured properly. I know BC has some of the greatest around, but stop hyping up BC so much... your not in California
  15. PitBull884
    I can believe that. Like every other business, whether legal or illegal, prices still boil down to supply and demand. I have never been to BC myself but I can imagine there is a pretty good sized supply and the demand is up there too. Plus, people can almost set whatever prices they please if they grow the goods themselves and still make a good profit. The only real overhead is the equip. used to grow, nutrients, seeds, and time and they all don't add up to very much.

    On the other hand it is a bit annoying when people brag about what they can get, how much they can use, how "great" their town/city/state/country is. Not saying he is bragging but there are many people on here that do and it gets old. Move here to Baltimore City and you won't wanna tell people where you live ! lol
  16. TheMainException
    Stop bragging about how bad your city is!! It's getting old. ;) lol jk.
  17. Phentasies

    LOL ya because youve sampled every bag of BC bud ever sold right?

    Stupid comment. Sure theres douchebags who dont flush their bud, but in SWIMs experience thats not too common. Not that SWIM really cares, SWIM dislikes weed nowadays. But people pay top money for exported BC bud, theres a reason. (im sure you'll say "ya they dont know anything about weed thats why").

    Per quantity grown in relation to quality though, its definetly top of the tier. Usually the more bud thats produced, the shittier the quality (i.e. mexican seed weed bricks of mulched stalk/stem/leaf and maybe a few buds riddled with firecracker seeds). BC has a very large production rate yet is able to maintain good quality despite the huge production amounts. Weed is literally a weed here, I think its grosse, weed is a nasty drug, its very dirty and ive never seen a major chronic who wasnt a complete failure in life and very "dirty", and thats not a perpetuation of a stereotype, thats just what ive seen.

    Phentasies added 38 Minutes and 52 Seconds later...

    Police in Van finally made the arrest of some attempted murder suspects the otherday (a UN gang senior commander and his liuetenant plus some gang chicks related to attempted murder of a red scorpion member), just hours after another murder happened (of a UN gang member), but these arrests were in relation to an attempted murder a few weeks earlier.

    UN gang core members (fat guy in center is leader Clayton Rouche, currently in US custody for trafficking marijuana and cocaine to/from the USA; the guy whose behind the guy in the leather jacket [Jin Bon Chan] whose behind Clayton, is the senior commander [indo-canadian] arrested the otherday)

    And when you die in the line of duty, they even spring to get you a nice official tombstone (I wonder if they have a dental plan too);


    And of course, gotta have your own branded keys of Cocaine.
  18. HomerK
    Memphis, TN has all of those beat. Memphis is literally a cesspool of violence and corruption.
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