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Baby given crystal meth by parents brain-dead and on life support

  1. Szandbwoy
    Parents gave baby crystal meth to stop him crying

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    Drug-addicted parents who gave their baby crystal meth to stop him crying are facing jail after the four-month-old ended up brain dead and on a life support machine.

    Silvia Strnadova, 26, and husband Miroslav, 30, rushed to hospital in Prievidza in north-west Slovakia when their baby became unresponsive and demanded to see a doctor.

    And the pair were taken away in handcuffs after it became obvious to doctors that the baby had been given a large amount of methamphetamine, known as crystal meth.

    ‘When we carried out checks it became apparent the child was in a critical state and had been given a strong dosage of drugs,’ said head doctor Anna Moracikova.

    ‘The child’s brain is severely damaged and he is clinically dead. His chances of survival are minimal and he is being kept alive by a life support machine.’

    Neighbours said the pair were well known for their drug abuse, with one saying she was ‘worried about letting my children play outside’.

    ‘She already has two other children with different men,’ said Jana Trznikova, 36.

    ‘He was known locally as the Crocodile with a reputation as being the best crystal meth cooker and because of his bad temper and the fact he was dangerous.’

    Mrs Trznikova also criticised social workers for failing to take the child away from the destructive pair.

    ‘They should never have been allowed to keep that poor baby,’ she said.

    Strnadova has been released for the time being while her husband is facing charges for neglect and causing harm to a minor.

    Souce: http://metro.co.uk/2014/09/24/baby-...-left-brain-dead-and-on-life-support-4880696/


  1. MikePatton
    Damn, what a bunch of assholes. How was Meth supposed to calm the baby down, anyway?! I think it's a damn shame that social services didn't take that child. I don't want to set a precedent in which drug users are bound to have their child taken from them, as this is something that I've already seen happen to highly functioning, great parents who happened to use drugs. But it is a parent's responsibillity to know that if he is in the depth of a hardcore addiction, he is not capable of taking care of a newborn.
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