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  1. Alfa

    Police Warn Users Drug May Be Mixed With Household Cleaner

    AJAX - Cocaine diluted with high levels of a household cleaner may have played a part in two deaths in Ajax recently.

    Durham Regional Police suspect the tainted cocaine may have played a part in the deaths of two young men found in different parts of Ajax, spokesman Dave Selby says, adding the deaths occurred about a month ago.

    Information gathered by the police drug unit that a cleaner, such as Comet, may have been mixed in cocaine and sold. Cocaine is regularly diluted, or 'cut', with cornstarch, sugar, talcum powder or other drugs, such as procaine, an anesthetic, to increase the volume and profit margin.

    The two deaths are still under investigation, Mr. Selby says.

    In a press release, the police note the "common thread" in the two deaths was cocaine use.

    "We had to get a notice out," Mr. Selby states. "Word got around to people there was bad stuff out there."

    Given the transient nature of drug dealing, Mr. Selby says police are concerned the problem won't be isolated to Ajax.

    "Our first recommendation is don't use cocaine. If you are, be forewarned, this stuff is going around right now," he adds.


  1. dopefiend
    HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!! In Canada Ajax IS a household cleaner! Best laugh i've had all day!


  2. Pinkavvy
    lol when I first saw the topic title of this thread, I was thinking ajax the cleaner. lol
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