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Bad search foiled Ecstasy case

By buseman, Jun 7, 2010 | |
  1. buseman
    A Montgomery man facing federal charges in Mobile that he supplied Ecstasy to area drug dealers was at the center of a botched local prosecution last year.

    Thanh Ngoc Nguyen, 28, was arrested in 2008 after Mobile County sheriff's deputies found 4,768 Ecstasy pills inside a house on Savannah Drive in Mobile, where he was living at the time.

    Prosecutors called it the largest such seizure in the county's history

    But a judge ruled in April of last year that deputies failed in their application for a search warrant to specify when confidential informants bought drugs from Nguyen. The judge tossed out evidence gathered during the search.

    Without the evidence, prosecutors had no case against Nguyen or his wife, and both walked free.

    Law enforcement officials arrested Nguyen in Montgomery on the new charges May 24.

    I think this is simply a case of sour grapes by the Mobile County Sheriff's Office, said Nguyen's lawyer, Joe Reed.

    But Darryl Wilson, a Bayou La Batre police captain who has participated in the probe with federal agents, said that the case has nothing to do with the drug seizure that was thrown out. In fact, he said, investigators were looking into Nguyen before deputies searched his house April 25, 2008.



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