Balance, Perspective, and Moderation

By Metomni · Feb 28, 2008 · ·
  1. Metomni
    SWIM has a lot of values and morals that he's obtained over the years, some picked up recently and some stemming from childhood. SWIM was raised in a very conservative, very loving, and very reinforcing environment; actually, he was quite sheltered until about 17-18. SWIM has never viewed drugs in a poor light, even when his parents would tell him that they were bad. His brother even got in a good bit of trouble with the law over drugs, but honestly, SWIM would never do some of the dumb things his sibling did (carrying kilos with a broken tail light, getting in a bike wreck while smashed and carrying several drugs, and the list goes on).

    SWIM always felt he had a pretty good perspective on responsible drug use. His life's motto to this point has been, "Everything in Moderation." It works for how to handle personal relationships, how to handle drugs, how to handle social events, how to handle stress; SWIM has found this to be a wonderful mechanism for controlling would-be irresponsible actions in any circumstance.

    In a way, SWIM believes that one must balance their drug use with their sober life. Once a young penguin is sucked into the "cycle" it's hard to get out, but if, from the start, he expressed some control and moderation, he will likely develop into a penguin who is able to seperate his two lives.

    For SWIM balance serves as a way of explaining life events. He most certainly believes in karma, and he believes that everything, EVERYTHING, comes around eventually. The idea of balance is just so all-encompassing, you can apply balance to absolutely anything.

    SWIM's perspective is what allows him to experience empathy, remorse, desire, love, and any other emotion. He attempts to put every situation and every stressor and every aspect of life through his "perspective lens" as a way to meditate and soothe his mind. Though, without the balance he uses throughout every day life, there would be no way he would have ever realized he needed a new perspective.

    Moderation is the way SWIM has chosen to live his life. He chose this route due to his musings and beliefs about what works in life.

    SWIM is only 20 and has a lot to learn, but he feels he has a pretty solid basis on how to be successful in areas of life that he feels to be vital.

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  1. saorsa.elegy
    20? Amazing insight. Actually, amazing self control! My bunny has just now gotten control.
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