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Balding Pot Heads - Cannabis Smoking Linked to Hair Loss

  1. Meow Tse Dung
    Balding Pot Heads - Cannabis Smoking Linked to Hair Loss

    Results haven’t been published yet but researchers at the University of Amsterdam suggest that regular smoking of cannabis contributes directly to hair loss.

    Marijuana is the most commonly used illicit drug and is used by roughly two million people in the UK, despite the many known negative side effects. The study of men and woman aged between 18 and 60 who regular smoked the drug found that young males in particular were prone to the effects of regular smoking and hair loss is one of them.

    If we think about it hypothetically for a second, the link between marijuana, skunk, green, gear – whatever you want to call it – and thinning hair makes sense, and can be inferred through previous studies. Regular cannabis use harms the body in two distinct ways – via the effect of the substance itself and via negative lifestyle changes, such as increased stress levels, irregular eating habits and poor dietary intake.

    Hormonal link between cannabis and hair loss
    Any major change in our lives can be reflected in the condition of our skin, hair and scalp. Studies suggest that smoking cannabis alters multiple hormonal systems within males and females, which can lead to side effects such as hair loss, lowered libido, increased aggressiveness, acne, and increased facial hair.

    General link between smoking and hair loss
    The general toxicity of smoking has been linked to hair loss. The carcinogen content has been shown to slow down cell proliferation in the hair follicles – the result being significant hair loss as the follicles prematurely enter telogen (resting phase of the hair growth lifecycle) until the environment is more conducive to growth. Sometimes hair loss treatments are necessary to promote regrowth.

    Nutritional link between cannabis and hair loss
    According to one study, cannabis use “affects food and liquid intake behavior, taste preference, and body weight. Changes in specific nutrient status and metabolism can also develop.” Nutritional deficiencies can contribute to increased hair shedding by weakening hair shafts that cause breakage to the hair and slow re-growth.

    Cancer link between cannabis and hair loss
    Studies have concluded that higher consumption of sodium, lower fruit and vegetable intake, lower serum carotenoid levels, higher alcohol intake, higher cigarette use and the compounded carcinogenic effects of marijuana place users at a higher future risk for cardiovascular disease and cancer, particularly site-specific cancers such as cervical and prostate. Hair loss has also been linked to cancer, particularly of the prostate, and a recent study suggests frequent or long-term marijuana use may double a man’s risk of testicular cancer. It’s currently one of the most common cancers in younger men, with approximately 2,000 new cases each year in the UK.


    Stress link between cannabis and hair loss
    Stress is a key player in hair loss and regular marijuana users tend to have a lot of stress and use the substance to alleviate the problem. However, cannabis is a depressant and because it affects hormone levels it only exacerbates stress which in turn aggravates hair loss.

    There are numerous factors that can cause thinning hair which must also be considered when diagnosing the condition, such as a genetic tendency to thinning hair despite the use of marijuana. However, as head of the most recent study, Dr Bob van Rossum said: “This just goes on the ever growing list of negative effects of smoking cannabis.”

    Source: http://www.belgraviacentre.com/blog/balding-pot-heads–cannabis-smoking-linked-to-hair-loss-130/

    ...My Mom sent me this.

    Meow =^.^=


  1. 5-HT2A
    I imagine lifestyle changes via diet are more significant than changes in hormonal levels or carcinogens, unless you smoke a lot each day.

    Increased DHT can be caused by increased caloric intake (aerobic exercise decreases it), so our most vulnerable to the munchies are probably those most affected.
  2. MrG
    This 'article' if it can even be truthfully called that, is so ridiculously suspect it's just not funny.

    The Belgravia Centre is a 'hair-loss' clinic for starters, not exactly an industry known to be paragons of virtue and honesty.

    They open with a reference to a 'study' that, apparently, "hasn't been published yet", and continue on with links to highly dubious and very outdated 'research', along with a smattering of vague notions and questionable assumptions.

    It was posted in 2009, so if anybody can actually find the 'University of Amsterdam' research paper that they are referring to, I would be very interested to read it.

    Until then, I'd file this under the same 'bad science' as 'smoking weed causes Man Boobs' claim.
  3. enquirewithin
    This is quite funny really. As SWIMrG points out, I doubt whether there is any science behind it. Cannabis tends to lower not increase stress.

    My horse has a full main of hair after years of smoking-- maybe it does make you go grey however! :)
  4. chibi curmudgeon
    I think that was the worst part of the article, as none of the links they suggest are directly caused by marijuana. Users being stressed, altered hormones, eating an entire bag of Doritos--those are not the same as cannabinoids halting follicular cell division.

    And really:

    I think we all know those claims are questionable at best.

    And I've never heard of cannabis causing increased aggression, facial hair, or acne. That sounds more like anabolic steroids. There's evidence it decreases sperm count; why wasn't that mentioned?

    This was particularly terrible. Low fruit and vegetable consumption increases your risk for cancer, but marijuana does not prevent you from eating your veggies.

    Here they're mixing up cause and effect. Hair loss doesn't cause cancer, male pattern baldness is caused by testosterone levels that can also feed the development of prostate cancer. I'm not saying guys losing their hair need to run out and get a prostate exam, though it's a good idea.

    And now they're kind of going in circles.

    Genes are much, much more likely to affect hair loss. Dr. Bob sounds like he works for the DEA.
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