Ban against three new substances (ethylcathinone, mephedrone & flephedrone)

By ThirdEyeFloond · Dec 19, 2008 · ·
  1. ThirdEyeFloond
    Ban against tree new substances

    Tree new euphoriant substances has been banned in Denmark. It concerns ethylcathinone, flephedrone and mephedrone that can be the cause of serious poisonings, acute psychosis, accidents and violence, mephdrone is under suspicion in relation to a death aswell.

    The National Board of Health received the first notification in April that two of the drugs had been found in Denmark.

    Notification of the 3rd substance was received by the board in September. Moreover the substances are very unknown and not banned in any of the other EU countries either.

    The minister for Health and Prevention Jakob Axel Nielsen (Conservative) has decided to ban the euphoriant substances after recommendation from the National Board of Health.

    Source: [Article in Danish]

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  1. KomodoMK
    Re: Ban against tree new substances (ethylcathinone, mephedrone & flephedrone)

    It's been a long time coming... now it's just the waiting game for other nations to follow suit.
  2. Benga
    Re: Ban against tree new substances (ethylcathinone, mephedrone & flephedrone)

    ethylcathinone / ethcathinone (2-ethylamino-1-phenyl-propan-1-one) as well ? wow, actually surprised that this substance which upon most account was deemed not very pleasurable nor interesting actually gained enough following to be included in the ban. swim would be tempted to say that they focused on a specific supplier's product list, but others are missing.

  3. Alfa
    Re: Ban against tree new substances (ethylcathinone, mephedrone & flephedrone)

    Denmark is extremely quick with their bans. They seem to monitor RC sources and forums.

    Once one EU country bans a substance, then the EU is alerted. The EU then decides what to do with it. The EU does have the power to advise a full EU ban. Some countries (like the Netherlands) will then implement the proposed ban without question. Other countries (like Ireland) have the opinion that they can decide for themselves. The EU advice to ban BZP and other piperazines is a good example.
  4. Mr. Giraffe
    Re: Ban against tree new substances (ethylcathinone, mephedrone & flephedrone)

    IN the case of BZP, though, Europe ordered all member states to 'control' by next May, so not much room for individual opinion there!
  5. Alfa
    Re: Ban against tree new substances (ethylcathinone, mephedrone & flephedrone)

    True, but there is a lot of difference in opinion there. Ireland kindly told them to fuck off in the first place. I don't know what position they have now.

    It remains the question if the EU can really order EU wide bans. If so then that would swiftly put an end to a lot of psychoactives. This would in turn require / force new drugs to enter the European market.
  6. KomodoMK
    Re: Ban against tree new substances (ethylcathinone, mephedrone & flephedrone)

    What timescale does this process take? Weeks? Months?
  7. Alfa
    That's hard to say. This was years, but the time span is shrinking fast. I would say months to a year.
  8. bob_arctor
    Wow, flephedrone banned, there aren't even so many reports on the internet except for SWIMs. It never seemed like a drug that would get a following (like mephedrone). The same for ethcathinone, MDPV seemed like a likelier candidate.
  9. Storming Heaven
    The ireland situation is, lets say 'wobbly', with regard to EU and UK, Ireland will do what is suggested or indeed ordered by EU but can go either way when it comes to the UK. Ireland has a strong constitution (look at lisbon treaty) and of course it has its issues with UK historically so really there is no telling or guessing the goverments movements as they have been both swift and slow regarding drugs over the last few years.
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