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  1. chillinwill
    A TOP Government health expert last night urged T In The Park chiefs to ban sales of “herbal highs” — over fears the legal drugs could kill a reveller.

    Professor Les Iversen claims some are hundreds of times more powerful than many outlawed substances.

    He and fellow specialist advisors are compiling a list which they will recommend Home Secretary Alan Johnson makes illegal.

    But dozens of different varieties — including a Chinese product called Spice Gold — will be on sale, before legislation is passed, during Scotland’s largest music festival at Balado in Kinross next month.

    And Oxford University’s Prof Iversen — who sits on the UK Government Advisory Council for the Misuse of Drugs — hopes T bosses will take action themselves to protect festival-goers.

    He said: “Spice Gold is laced with a chemical hundreds of times more potent than cannabis.

    “You have no idea what measure you are taking therefore the chance of overdose is very high.

    “The fact it is currently legal may appeal to some people but this doesn’t mean it is safe.

    “They can cause strokes and heart attacks which can obviously result in deaths.

    Drug sellers are currently ahead of the law but we are advising the Home Secretary of our findings.”

    Spice Gold — which costs £25 for three grammes — and other herbal highs are smoked in a joint to get a cannabis-like high.

    Its active ingredient has already been banned in France and Germany.

    A similar order is unlikely to come into force in Britain until later this year.

    Prof Iversen said: “Unfortunately nothing will be passed in time for T In The Park. I am a scientist, not a legislator, but the dangers should be clear to organisers.

    “They can use their own discretion in what is the right course of action.”

    Last night T In The Park bosses insisted the matter was one for cops to deal with.

    A Tayside Police spokesman said: “We will watch developments but, at this time, these substances are not illegal and so cannot be enforced against.”

    June 11, 2009
    The Scottish Sun


  1. Routemaster Flash
    Jesus Christ, even by the Sun's usual standards, that's appalling. "Ban killer herbal T"? Because it "might" kill someone? I know I shouldn't be shocked, it's the fucking Currant Bun we're talking about here, but even so. I despair.

    And this so-called Professor so-called Les Iverson should know, as a "scientist", that cannabinoids have no proven acute toxicity, and that there's no more reason to think synthetic ones are any more deadly than those that occur in cannabis. Yes, they "could" in theory kill someone, but by the same token, if I were to concoct the world's first steak-n-banana pie, we would have to say it "could" in theory be a lethal (as opposed to merely disgusting) dish, just because no-one's done it before. That's not the same thing as it being remotely likely.

    Perhaps I should just remind myself this is the paper that told us about people biting the heads off small animals while under the influence of ecstasy...

    Gah. Idiots.

    Edit: actually the pricks who write this rubbish are dangerously smart; it's the people who read it who are dangerously ignorant.
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