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Ban of caffeinated alcoholic drinks in Chicago on the table

  1. dyingtomorrow
    Ban of caffeinated alcoholic drinks in Chicago on the table

    November 3, 2010

    The sale of caffeinated alcoholic drinks would be banned in Chicago under a proposal introduced at today's City Council meeting.

    Sponsoring Alds. Edward Burke, 14th, and Gene Schulter, 47th, said the beverages are dangerous for young adults who might not realize how drunk they have become when they drink them.

    Under the proposal, the pre-mixed caffeinated liquor drinks would be banned city-wide.

    Bartenders would still be able to mix drinks such as Red Bull and vodka, because, Burke reasoned, they are trained to know when someone has been overserved. But Burke also said he would be open to listening to a proposal to stop bartenders from mixing them as well.

    "Quite frankly, I think it is completely irresponsible to manufacture and market a product that can make young people so intoxicated so fast," Schulter said in a news release.

    Colleges and universities across the nation report health problems caused by the drinks. New Jersey's Ramapo College announced a similar ban after a surge in alcohol intoxication cases since the beginning of the school year, with about half a dozen of them involving a popular caffeinated alcoholic drink known as Four Loko.

    The Food and Drug Administration is investigating whether caffeine and alcohol can safely be mixed and consumed as a single beverage.
    The aldermen's proposal was sent to a joint committee of Finance and License and Consumer Protection.

    -- John Byrne



    All over the U.S. they are starting to pass bans on mixed caffeine and alcoholic drinks. And even proposing to ban them from being served in bars. No more Vodka Red Bulls if you can actually believe that.

    Stuff like this makes me absolutely sick. In Chicago there a billion problems - crime, education, budget, public transportation, etc. And they sit around trying to find these new, inconsequential, "scary" things to regulate, to get the attention off of what failures they are at doing anything positive for their community. It's the same with all these states and cities who are considering such bans, it's just bullshit distraction. It's always about fear in the U.S., never about logic or progress anymore in the media and political world.

    It is not the government's job to save people from themselves. There are a billion ways to drink and act irresponsibly, and mixing caffeine with alcohol is on the very bottom of the list. This is nothing more than another example of politicians trying to invent new laws, just for the sake of inventing them. And control people's lives, just for the sake of controlling them.

    Then there is the issue of taxes. Every time one of these dumbass laws is passed, taxpayers fork out a bunch of money for these ridiculous committees to get together 8 times to debate the issue, plus their steak and lobster dinners, and then more money for them to create a new "Anti-Caffeine and Alcohol" agency, and new salaries for incompetent brother-in-laws of politicians to fill in slots in the exponentially expanding bureaucracy.

    And people seriously wonder why their taxes keep going up.


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