Ban on 10 synthetic cannabinoids and 2-AI, AMT, DPT, MDPPP & dimethylcathinone

By ThirdEyeFloond · Mar 5, 2010 · Updated Mar 5, 2010 · ·
  1. ThirdEyeFloond

    Minister of the Interior and Health Bertel Haarder (Liberal party) now puts his first ban into action in his new job.

    It concerns a ban against ten synthetic cannabinoids which all pose a serious health risk on par with the risk related to cannabis.

    With the ban he means that Denmark is in the front among the nations that actively fight against the spread of the harmful cannabinoids.

    Ready with more bans
    "The whole development that new synthetic drugs surface on a regular basis particularly among the young in various party settings is worrisome" says Bertel Haarder and continues:
    "Therefore I'm glad that we now ban ten synthetic cannabinoids. At the same time we follow the spread of synthetic substances closely and intervene as soon as it's necessary."

    Only a single in Denmark
    The synthetic cannabionids are often ingested in herbal mixtures also known as 'spice' or in powder form. Out of the ten only a single one has been confiscated in Denmark. In other european countries the substances are more widespread.

    Apart from the cannabinoids the minister has decided, on the basis of the department of Health's recommendation, that 5 additional substances will be banned. It concerns 2-AI, AMT, DPT, MDPPP and dimethylcathinone.
    The 5 substances is considered to imply a significant health risk consisting of among other things mental complications, accidents, violence and poisoning.

    Source: [article in danish]

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  1. ThirdEyeFloond
    Re: Ban on 10 synthetical cannabinoids and 2-aminoindan, AMT, DPT, MDPPP & methamfepr

    Sorry for the lousy translation SWIM is :mad: I assume you can get the gist anyways. Haarder is as evil as he looks, and I knew all hell would break loose when he was appointed minister of Health in the recent government reshuffle.
  2. Terrapinzflyer
    Re: Ban on 10 synthetical cannabinoids and 2-aminoindan, AMT, DPT, MDPPP & methamfepr

    he actually reminds me of Ralph Nader. :laugh: and while offtopic but oddly relevant - many of the turtles ilk blindly supported Nader as the green party candidate. The turtle never forgave him for "Unsafe at any speed" - a condemnation of the early VW's . The turtle preffered the view of John muir (Idiots guide to the VW- not the naturalist) - basically "Driving a vehicle with an inch of steel between you and anything you hit, teaches you to be a MUCH better driver" Off topic- yes- but oddly relevant to the world of drugs / rc's. (ok- yes- the turtles mind works in strange ways)

    I am assumint that methamfepramon= dimethylcathinone and 2-aminoindan is, in the us at least, more commonly known as 2-ai - a very rare stimulant.
  3. Potter
    Re: Ban on 10 synthetical cannabinoids and 2-aminoindan, AMT, DPT, MDPPP & methamfepr

    Iwas wondering where the word "synthetical" came from...

    OH NO!!! It's as dangerous as cannabis! With all the cannabis related deaths killing off our best and brightest, who is going to think of the children?
  4. ThirdEyeFloond
  5. Alfa
    Was Spice even for sale in Denmark? Is there any reason for this ban, asides from being politically fashionable?
  6. Greenport
    That guy looks nuts haha. Nonetheless he's the one with the banhammer. And ugh, he's using it.

    SwiM doesn't see the evidence stating that these cannabinoids are dangerous in any why is he banning them? What is the motive here to ban them?
  7. ThirdEyeFloond
    Yes, Spice has been for sale here for the last couple of years. The leprechaun knows at least one ethnobotanical shop sold the Spice blends along with other "herbal mixtures" like Afghan Resin. I think the ban on the cannabinoids were inspired by other EU countries.
    The ban on the 5 other substances is evidently the aftermath of the HauptRC vendor incident, as these were confiscated by the police at his apartment.
  8. Alfa
    The sales of one shop is hardly reason for a ban, I'd think.
  9. ThirdEyeFloond
    Luckily scheduling a substance requires little to no reason and/or reasons these days. It's simple really, if x is psychoactive AND != alcohol, then x is a vicious substance that must/should/will be banned immediately.
    I don't believe the sales of that one shop was taken into account at all during the decision making process. As the article mentions only one of the cannabinoids (I assume JWH-018 but frankly don't know.) has been confiscated in Denmark so far, so apparently we've progressed from the ever so popular "ban on sight"-policy to "ban if sighted in neighboring countries/rest of EU".
    According to the official press release the reasoning is as follows; On the basis of the increasing spread of these substances in other European countries it must be assumed that the substances sooner or later will penetrate the danish market as well, especially if they can be sold legally.
  10. Smeg
    Swim lives in an English coastal town. His favorite blend was yucatan fire. He is saddened and dismayed by the ban on analogs which came into force late last December. The prohibition was ratified and executed by "fashionable" politicians indulging the ignorant and misinformed. Swim works as a mental health professional who was even surprised to hear in his work place some colleagues espousing their opinions of recreational drug use.
    Swim often attempts to correct them on their populist-media interpretations. He has soberly debated with them the fact that many of the smoking blends, which were then legally available, contain cannabinoid analogs similar to the effects of cannabis itself.
    There is still (after twenty nine years as an MHP) an ongoing debate in psychiatry which, on the one hand, insists that cannabis can cause schizophrenia, whilst, on the other informs (Swim feels) that the use of hallucinogens may only exacerbate an existing psychotic condition, or bring about psychosis in someone who may be predisposed to such a condition.

    When the aforementioned analogs were banned in the UK there were many gleeful, sanctimonious remarks about their abolition trumpeted in the tabloid media, and from their patrons. One or two of these were mentioned where Swim works.
    One of SWim's retorts went something like this: "In my experience it has never been noted (by Swim) that anybody has ever caught schizophrenia. It's not like the common cold or measles. It is not contagious or transmittable through the use of hallucinogenic substances. Somebody with an an established diagnosis of long standing psychotic illness could well be at risk of relapse if using mind altering catalysts, but there isn't any evidence to suggest that say a person in their thirties or forties (with no previous mental health problems) will suddenly suffer from schizophrenia or a bipolar disorder. The banning of Spice and all the rest will not lessen the incidence of psychotic mental illness. The established statistic for diagnosed schizophrenia is one percent of the populaton. That has not altered despite the attempts of gutter journalists and politicians to insist otherwise."

    Swim would add, however, that in his experience, a drug induced psychosis can occur in individuals, but this is short lived and very treatable. No amount of banning synthetic cannabinoids will ever change that.

    Swim has smoked cannabis for over thirty years, and rues the passing of the legal analog blends. He can recall panicky feelings after smoking too much which were akin to a mini psychotic state. Swim has always been lucky that this state didn't carry on into the next few days. This was true of the spice diamond spirit which he felt was initially overwhelming, but eventually subsided into a lovely wee high.

    Swim recognises that cannabinoids can magnify pre-smoking feelings of anxiety or worry and advises that folk smoke with their existing feelings in mind.
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