Ban on Kratom, Butylone, 4-FA, MDPV, p-FBT & PPP

By ThirdEyeFloond · Mar 19, 2009 · Updated Mar 25, 2009 · ·
  1. ThirdEyeFloond
    Prohibition of narcotic plant and seven drugs

    Minister for Health and Prevention Jakob Axel Nielsen (CF) has decided today to ban the narcotic plant kratom and seven drugs.

    According the department of health there has not yet been reported injuries after the use of plant and substances. But use can pose a significant health risk in terms of particular development of addiction and mental strain. Five of the substances may additionally cause poisoning.

    The Minister has taken the decision after the department of health yesterday recommended to ban the plant and the seven banned substances.

    "Although it is a plant and substances that has only been seen in very limited extent in Denmark, and fortunately has not yet led to any known injuries, there is no reason to wait to deal with a ban. With the ban we make sure that the plant and substances can not be sold legally at home. Thus we inhibit the spread of them, "says Jakob Axel Nielsen.

    There has been only one or a few seizures of the plant and substances. After receiving reports of the seizure the department of Health launched a collection of information to assess the foundation of putting the plant and substances under legislation after the law on narcotics.

    The ban means that the plant kratom and its ingredients 7-hydroxymitragynine and mitragynine and synthetic bk-MBDB, MDPV, p-FBT, p-flour amphetamine and PPP in the future may only be used for medical and scientific purposes.

    [p-FBT = 3-(p-fluorbenzoyl)tropane & PPP = α-pyrrolidinopropiophenone]

    source: [article in danish]

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  1. enquirewithin
    Poor Denmark. Very worrying. I'm not surprised about the chemicals so but kratom? I hope this does not become a precedent.
  2. Alfa
    It seems to me that they ban whatever psychoactive gets sold there. With no regard to whether the psychoactive is harmful of not. And they are fast as hell with banning substances.
  3. Junket

    time to stock pile the kratom haha.....

    damn you denmark
  4. Sushi
    "All things are poison and nothing is without poison, only the dose permits something not to be poisonous."
    Now, the caring government of Denmark should set an example for other European countries and ban: alcohol and tobacco, gasoline and oil fueled automobiles, also tv watching and shopping as both are known to be addictive. Watching tv is also bad for mental health. Definitely ban. Climbing too "can pose a significant health risk", hell, it can end fatally. Ban it too.
  5. Jasim
    Meh, all of those drugs (except Kratom and I think p-FBT) are already banned in the USA. They fall under our analogue laws. [Maybe swim should stock up now, lol]

    I don't understand why more countries don't have broad analog laws. I mean, glad they don't, but why take all the time to get specific chemicals banned. In the US they just ban them before they are ever even thought of or created.
  6. ThirdEyeFloond
    I sadly believe analogue laws is a work in progress here in Denmark since a so-called drug expert / media-whore requested it a while back, luckily the government was on their 3 (or is it 4?) month summer holiday at the time. But it will come, no doubt, it will come. Atleast they admit that it's not due any particular risks involved with a given substance, they ban it just because it's psychoactive and thus an alternative to alcohol (and tobacco).
    Our dear minister of health and prevention was recently questioned in a satirical tv-show why alcohol hadn't been banned yet, with all the wellknown negative consequences it can cause on the personal level but also the costs on society as a whole (organ failure, split families, (domestic) violence, drunk driving etc.) it would be obvious to ban it, and his response was something along the lines of "Oh well that would be silly, because most people are capable of using alcohol in moderate amounts, and there is no reason why they should be denied that joy just because a few can't handle it."
    I agree with that completely but substitute alcohol with random substance and his viewpoint turns 540 degrees (Yes, his head must be spinnin'!)
  7. enquirewithin
    To be a politician you have to be master of hypocrisy and deceit. That's universal!:(
  8. TMcK
    I say ban this post! People who read it might get ideas.

    Seriously, though, this whole argument about so-called poisons reminds me the changing that are supposedly about to go into effect with the latest revision of the Codex Implementarius. If you're not familiar with this, these new changes will irreversibly make a whole galaxy of herbs and vitamins illegal to buy, own, use or distribute WORLDWIDE because they are "poisonous". Additionally, all sorts of very strict regulations will be imposed on larger scales farms growing food plants; among the regulations will be impositions on what chemicals may be used (or in some cases, MUST be used), cultivation techniques, etc. Smaller scale farms won't be affected on this, provided they only provide food to local markets.

    I am very much a skeptic, and very much against conspiracy theory as whole, but I nevertheless find this to be profoundly insideous, because I've actually read some of the proposed changes ON THE OFFICIAL SITE. They're not even trying to hide this, it's right out in the open. If you don't believe me, Google it. I'd post a link, but I'm still a lameass newb. :p
  9. Jasim
    ^ I do believe you are referring to the Codex Alimentarius. This is a commission that sets recommended standards in quality of food and supplements. It is not a law-making body. I believe your fears are a little unwarranted.
  10. TMcK
    Yes you are correct (I knew I should have looked that up beforehand), but I'm not so much worried that they'll come to pass as I am concerned for how shady the recommendations are to begin with. That a group of scientists could actually get together and propose such madness is appalling to me.

    Sorry, I should have been more clear (and checked my damn spelling, for that matter).
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