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  1. chillinwill
    BANNING the importation of legal highs for commercial or private use has been hailed a success by Drug Concern.

    The charity said the number of people seeking its help had shrunk in the last month since the ban on bringing substances such as Spice into the island for personal use had come into effect.

    In April, Customs banned the importation of legal highs and followed that up with a ban on four particular types for personal use.

    ‘Since the ban came into action, Drug Concern has seen a significant reduction [more than 50%] of new contacts relating to emerging drugs of concern,’ said manager Tracey Rear.

    ‘I do believe the number of people using emerging drugs of concern has reduced since the ban, primarily due to the lack of availability of the substances compared to pre-ban.’

    By Joel de Woolfson
    December 8, 2009
    This Is Guernsey


  1. Nimbus
    This seems to be a slightly premature/false statement, considering the majority of 'legal highs' such as spice SWIM has acquired over the past 6 months have all come out of that island. However, SWIM has noticed that many vendors of these 'legal highs' are now based in former soviet block countries such as Ukraine and Russia. SWIM will be sure to watch were these products come from in light of this announcement. Also, SWIM would note that a few fellow SWIMmers have been sold knock offs of these products, the bags simply having the name printed on them and filled with... something other than the actual product.

  2. Zentaurus41
    Well Party Cat thinks there would just be an increase in the use of other substances.
    I dont think govermetns will ever learn, ban one thing then people just take something else. People like to party and I doubt the goverment can ever stop this.
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