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Ban on tobacco displays 'puts health first' (Ontario, Canada)

  1. Euphoric


  1. FuBai
    I actually said "no" out loud when I read that. I'm not totally against the scheme - so long as there is some catalogue that people can look through I don't really see a problem with putting cigarettes out of sight, but the idea that enforced protection of health should come above individual liberty is something I certainly don't agree with.
  2. AquafinaOrbit
    Couldn't have said it better myself.
  3. The_Tortured_Soul
    I think everyone is being a bit illogical when it comes to the cigarette war. Yes, cigarettes are carcinogic, but I don't remember being a kid and deciding to smoke because I saw packs of cigarettes in a styore. I started smoking at 17, because my friends told me about it giving a cool head buzz plus I was always facinated by it for some reason even though my family is mostly non-smokers. Now I am addicted, but it's my fault and when I decide I really do want to quit I can quit it. It just seems like the government always wants to get overbearing on both ends of the political spectrum and not just in the USA, but worldwide.
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