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  1. stephen.cameron


  1. Alfa
    Hold on a moment. This seems to be a ban on shisha waterpipes as well, which has nothing to do with cannabis or drugs. It seems as if you and the government have missed that.
  2. Docta
    "New restrictions will also be applied to limit the display of the traditional hookahs."

    Shisha/hookah pipes and paraphernalia will still be available under the legislation but not on shop front display.

    I would like to point out that 2 days later the same minister authorized $188 million over four years for alcohol and drug services, including $23.7 million over four years for new initiatives for community-based counselling, pharmacotherapy and the expansion of needle syringe programs.
    So it's kind of hard as a Victorian my self to have many bad words to say about the right honorable Mary Wooldridge MP

    There doesn't seem to be a unified drugs strategy document. I'm still looking.

    Media release by conservative government

    The Hon Mary Wooldridge MP
    Minister for Mental Health
    Minister for Women’s Affairs
    Minister for Community Services
    Media release
    Monday 29 August 2011

    The sale, display and supply of bongs in Victoria will be banned from January 1 next year under new laws being introduced in Parliament this week by the Victorian Coalition Government.

    Minister for Mental Health Mary Wooldridge said the Coalition Government was fulfilling this election commitment and addressing a long-standing contradiction in Victorian law.

    "While cannabis remains an illegal drug, one of the commonly used methods of consuming it – the bong – is widely available to buy," Ms Wooldridge said.

    Ice pipes and cocaine kits, both apparatus used to consume illicit drugs, are already banned from sale in Victoria. However, Labor's failure to ban the sale of bongs, allowing the widespread sale of the primary delivery device, has sent a dangerous message that cannabis is a 'soft' drug.

    "Through making the display and sale of bongs illegal we take them out of the markets, off the shelves, and out of shop windows and stop them being seen as a normal retail item," Ms Wooldridge said.

    "The legislation will also ban the sale, display and supply of bong components and bong kits from retail outlets.

    "We want to stop the confusing message that while it's okay to display and sell equipment used for smoking cannabis it's illegal to smoke cannabis," Ms Wooldridge said.

    Almost one third of Victorians aged 14 years and over report having used cannabis at some stage in their lifetime, making cannabis the most widely used illicit drug in Victoria.

    There are increased risks to personal mental health from cannabis use, with research indicating that cannabis use is associated with increased risk in the development of mental illness.

    "The changes being introduced into Parliament will bring Victoria's position on cannabis smoking paraphernalia in line with other states, which all have some restrictions in place," Ms Wooldridge said.

    New restrictions will also be applied to limit the display of the traditional hookahs.

    Victoria Police will enforce the ban on the sale and display of bongs and restrictions on hookahs.

    "The Coalition Government is determined to reduce the harm to Victorian families caused by cannabis use, and prohibiting the sale of bongs is an important part of achieving that," Ms Wooldridge said.
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