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Bank director gave GHB to sex victims

  1. lonesomeheroes

    Bank director gave GHB drops to sex victims

    [08.09.2008] Express

    (rough translation, couldn't find this in the English news)

    A 37 year old bank director, married with two children, invited his female friends from work or elsewhere to short holiday trips. There he gave them GHB, and filmed how he raped them or penetrated them with various things.

    According to the news, the women didn't remember anything of what happened afterwards. A woman who just now became aware about this, said that she couldn't believe it and is shocked.

    lonesomeheroes added 10 Minutes and 37 Seconds later...


    Another GHB story from Express:

    Ilja K., a young 19 year old Russian, went to a prostitute, and after the sex gave her GHB. She fell in a coma. He then stole 520 Euro and a mobile phone and left. According to the news, she wouldn't have survived if somebody wouldn't have found her soon after.


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